2005 James Dean September Festival in Fairmount, index

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James Dean Festival
in Fairmount, Indiana
September 23 – 25


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Pages for the 2005 James Dean September Fairmount Festival
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Surrender Dorothy 2005 Dance Contest
2005 Memorial Service David Loehr’s Gallery
Pictures of fans:
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People to see at Park Cemetery Fairmount Helping Hands

a new thrift shop!


A new idea for deaners.net: an album of email pictures that viewers send in! I’m so happy I thought of this!

Rebel Rebel store I was unable to get a ride to the car show this year.  I put some car show winners’ names on the rock lasso page. Daddy-Os Fashion Show
my camera malfunctioned.
Coming in November!

I’m working on a fresh list of fan’s websites. 

The downtown diner has new owners and is once again OPEN!! New name is Backyard Cafe.

When you finish the 2005 Festival event’s pages, go right ahead into the September 30, 2005 Memorial Service:

image Poetry and Lyrics by Charles Barnes  image

Dust and Clay The Romance of Rebellion Lyrics for East of Eden

Eyes on the prize, photo be Heather Aldrich Fiftieth Anniversary year lookalike contest
Christian Aldrich, #8, won the Junior Lookalike contest.
Winners’ photo by Heather Aldrich


The Junior Lookalikes are on line now with names.
Mr. Arbuckle, FHS Class of 1941, showed us how it’s done in the dance contest

Here are some pictures from past festivals

image Photo by Lance Weinhardt.  Oops, this isn’t from a James Dean festival, but I bet Senator Clinton would have as much fun as the rest of us.

image  Photo by Dr. Nicole Bickham.
Well, Justine, visiting from France, would have come to the festival if she had stayed until September. She had to go back. though. Our two granddaughters were delighted with her.

image Here’s the Fairmount Historical Museum, the sponsor of the September James Dean festival. It’s located a block east of the downtown traffic light, at 203 East Washington Street. Link is below.

image  Loads and loads of cars all weekend.  The awards are presented Sunday afternoon, after lunch.  Come to our car show if you have never been to one, or if you have been to one!  Heavenly. And here’s Joe Bailon, inventor of Candy Apple Red car paint, signing autographs.  Different celebrities show up each year.

image Cars in every color of the rainbow, and more! The Mercurys have a special area just inside the main gate to the park.  (Free admission, of course.)  We call it the Mercury Corral. Could call it Mercury Heaven.


image At the cemetery after a Memorial Service a few years ago.  Remember, it is always on September 30th every year, at Back Creek Friends Meeting.  Breakfast before the service.  Smaller crowds than on the Festival Weekend.  A great get-together with humor as well as sadness. 

So you think you can dance?  We’d be tickled to see you.  Sign up at the main stage downtown on Saturday evening. It’s free.  What’s to lose?  You could win a trophy and bragging rights.


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The website for the Fairmount Historical Museum is www.jamesdeanartifacts.com
   Each year, you can find the schedules for the festival on-line at their site. 

Here’s the CMG’s James Dean website

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