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Latest Reviews on The Best New Released Games

If you want to get the best info on the latest games, you need to follow the best gaming news sites. Of course, there many that would qualify as best gaming news sites, but it seems that some seem to offer better info than others, for your specific needs. In general, there might be different types of games – strategy, adventure, arcade, antique and whatnot, which is why sometimes even if you visit a really popular site, it might not be the best gaming news site for your specific needs.

In order for us to offer good news for you, we’ve divided some of the most important – general info on the latest games revealed. Here is some things you should know for starters:

First, we were really disappointed to see that the latest Nintendo gaming console – The Nintendo Switch Lite will never have an option to be connected to a TV. So, we can all forget about playing it on the big screen, right?

Second, one of the most popular video games that is yet to be released – Resident evil, has some news. Namely, the release date has been announced, and the survival mode multiplayer game seems pretty neat according to the latest trailer.

Also, Fortnite – the ultimately most popular game amongst youth nowadays has a new version. The v10.31 has some new patch notes and it is better than ever. So, don’t miss out on the 10th season of Fortnite Battle Royale!

The Most Fun and Popular Free Online Games

The thing about online games is that they are really convenient – you just go online, and you have access to some cool games. Some games are dice games like Ludo, or you have free online games like backgammon, chess, and even monopoly.

One of the most popular types of free online games are in fact – online casino games. Basically, online casino games are really convenient for people who enjoy gambling, playing real money casino games and playing the same casino games for free. In fact, Legal online casinos offer the people a realistic option of winning real money prizes, and they give you an amazing treatment, just like you would get in a VIP casino.

The reason why legal online casinos are so popular is because they offer numerous casino bonuses and benefits for the player. Using these casino bonuses, you can maximize your winnings and have a great time doing it. For example, there is the no deposit casino bonus which allows you to play casino games for free, all while having a chance at winning real money prizes. Besides this one, there are other casino bonuses like the first-deposit one, the loyalty one, the refer-a-friend bonus and many more. All of them are pretty rewarding and can come in quite handy – for beginners and professionals alike.

– Who won Game of the Year 2019?

While we are waiting for the Game of the Year for 2019 awards in December, there are many rumors as to which of the latest games are worthy of the title – being the Game of the Year.

There are many polls on the best gaming news sites regarding the expected outcomes. However, there are some clear frontrunners on all sites like Resident Evil 2 for instance. It is a game that swept everyone from their feet, as it reanimates the same tension that made the original game so popular, and it does it in a much better way.

Also, another expected win for Game of the Year 2019 is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as this game sold more than 2 million copies in less than 10 days – it was even the second best-selling game in March 2019.

Our last prediction for Game of the Year 2019 is of course – Mortal Combat 11. According to latest news, it is still the best selling game in the USA, and we wouldn’t expect having it bad votes on the event awards.

Is PC the best gaming platform?

Many people wonder if the latest gaming trends of playing on consoles are the best platforms. Well, the answer to the question of whether PCs are best for gaming instead of gaming consoles revolves around one thing – your expectations. For instance, latest PCs have better graphics and in general, give you more gaming options. However, consoles can be more convenient for some players, as they are specifically designed for gaming.

However, if you have high-quality software and hardware on your gaming PC, we can guarantee that you’ll have the best time playing video games ever.

Retro Games, Consoles & Accessories

All gamers are intrigued when they see some retro or gaming antiques, as you would at the Fairmount Antique Mall, where some of the most popular retro games and consoles are available. Regardless of how old these games are, the retro games still manage t get the attention of gamers nowadays. We all like Pac Man, Tetris and some of the cool old games too like the ones on the retro slot games machines.

So, if you are looking for the best retro games, and the best retro slot games – we can point you to the direction of Fairmount Antique Mall – where all your childhood dreams can become reality.