PC or Console Gaming?

Twenty million PC players will make the switch to console games in 2022, according to the forecasts of a new report on the status of the games and their future of Jon Peddie Research.

The analysis firm believes that the lower entry cost of a primary console and its highly specialized development is knocking on the doors of players of all ages and budgets. The consultant adds its approach to the PC in technical terms, especially in recent generations where its underlying hardware is identical in architecture to that of a personal computer.

To the above, JPR will sum the expectation of a higher number of exclusive games for the consoles, especially on the platforms of Sony and Nintendo.

In terms of the tsunami, which can produce the massive arrival of the excellent services of the game in streaming, with the Stay of Google, the cloud Microsoft and others already present as the NVIDIA, the consultant agrees that can be concluded in a lesser number of devices but on both sides.

If the number of consoles as we have known them so far can be reduced, it will also mean that there will be no need to buy expensive and high-end hardware for PC games to run advanced games that will run on the cloud. The example is the same smart TVs, which could be all the investment required along with a controller to get a premium gaming experience as long as internet access around the world continues to improve as expected.

Do you game on PC or console?

Indeed, the JPD report reviews the scenarios we have discussed here on several occasions, but the future is not written, and there are many levels of greys. On the one hand, the PC is not dead and will not be dead, it is irreplaceable in many scenarios, and although it is much more expensive than a console, the technical experience is usually superior. Also, any computer for Games serves multiple uses, general computing, development, multimedia entertainment, professional purposes or to serve media to any device, including the TV in the living room.

As for the greater exclusivity of console games, it is a more commercial aspect today than technical and will change when the big ones in the sector want. Like Microsoft, following a clear strategy to bring the Xbox Game also to Windows PCs. Finally, note that the more significant presence of digital download versus physical formats affects consoles and PCs alike.

There are a lot of video games that, after winning console, have washed their faces to land on our computers. And many of them have improved tremendously; the reality is that computers have for years offered a game experience superior to that of consoles.

They will allow you to obtain superior technical quality: more resolution, better frame, better graphics, or better antialiasing. In short, playing on PC ensures that you squeeze the games to the maximum (depending on your team, of course).

Technology for gamers

This is precisely why there is equipment that incorporates optimization technologies. One of the best examples is MSI’s Dragon Center, a fundamental tool in harnessing the full power of our computer, be it portable or on the table. This software allows us to know the performance of our team and even see individually how each video game affects the device. To optimize our gamer Dragon Center experience, it incorporates a tab where we can include our favorite matches so that the PC can adapt to them, thus improving performance.