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  1. This week’s download games!

You can download new games, applications and other content for your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS family console or Wii U from Nintendo eShop and also through this website*. Below you can see the news this week. Visit the game pages for purchase options or read more about downloadable games for your Nintendo consoles.

  1. Find Your Local Super Smash Bros community. with the portal for Super Smash Bros tournaments. Ultimate!

Whether you are seasoned veterans or want to participate in your first event, you can now find the Super Smash Bros tournaments. Ultimate to be held all over Europe and send a request to create your thanks to our new portal for Super Smash Bros tournaments. Ultimate!

Once approved by our team, the new tournaments will appear on the portal. Do not hesitate to visit him regularly to be aware of what is happening near you!

If you want to test your ability at Super Smash Bros. at European level, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit is tailor-made! This competitive circuit is divided into seven events distributed throughout Europe and an apotheosis final phase with only one goal: to obtain the title of Best Super Smash Bros. player. Ultimate Europe!

Syndicate 2019 will be the first stop on the Pan-European route and will take place from 25 to 27 October. But you can now consult the tournament portal where the other six events that make up the circuit will take place.

For more recent information on the tournaments taking place in Europe, visit the portal for Super Smash Bros tournaments. Competition and, if you want to be aware of the latest news from Super Smash Bros.

  1. The New Nintendo Direct presentation starts on Thursday at 00: 00 (peninsular time))

On September 5 at 00: 00 (peninsular time) a new 40-minute Nintendo Direct is broadcast focusing on the Nintendo Switch titles for 2019, including Pokémon Espada, Pokémon Escudo and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

  1. Minecraft is still the most popular game in the world

Several fashion games could correctly well break the landmark of video game culture, such as Minecraft. We have Fortnite, with the latest Apex Legends and even the constant Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, among many others, counting millions of players, totally viral tournaments and great YouTubers and professionals giving them their support.

Despite this, and although it might be visible but not apparent, the game created by Markus Persson Minecraft remains high above all in terms of monthly players according to Helen Chiang. The fact is that, through an interview with Business Insider, the study director of the game itself, Minecraft has affirmed the great success that the game continues to have because its strong point is that users always want to return:

What Helen Chiang means is that yes, the user may not play today, nor tomorrow or the day after because for example Borderlands 3 has come out but, once this one finishes it, it will return to the Minecraft, being one of the titles most kept in the ‘bedroom’ for those free times. So if, after eight years, the Microsoft-owned sandbox remains the most popular game in the world.