Fans at the 2005 Fairmount James Dean September Festival, page 2

Fans at the 2005 Fairmount James Dean September Festival, page 2

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2005 James Dean Festival
in Fairmount, Indiana
September 23 – 25
Fans at David Loehr’s James Dean
Memorial Gallery and Museum, page 2

Please scroll down and down.  I made the pictures bigger this year, because of the importance of the 50th Anniversary of James Dean’s death.

Lawrence Frascella snaps Lookalike winner David Wozniak who is holding Francella and Al Wiesel’s new book, James Dean, Live Fast, Die Young

Two best friends, Jesse Dillinger and Jennifer Tappan met at the gallery.  They have been loyal friends to the James Dean Remembered fan club.  Jen is a stylist in KOKOMO INDIANA and can be reached at  Jen does awesome hair for some of the lookalike candidates.

 A fan from New York and lookalike Del Rey from Illinois

image Abra is the Gallery mascot.

image  image
The Will Rogers lookalike is  Nick Parsons  from Virginia City, VA. His grandmother lives in Fairmount.

Bad battery. Bad camera.  Sorry, ladies!

Hello, Dean fan without a name. Y’all can send names to me at

image    image
I now pronounce all of us with saddle shoes a club. We will be the Saddle Shoed. We are inarguably cool, 50’s cool.  We must be; the winners in the dance contest this year wore saddle shoes.  We deserve a costume contest of our own. I hereby declare this lady in the yellow 1950’s rock and roll cool outfit the winner for 2005.  Queen of Cool, will you send in your name? e-mail

Roni Howard,  fan club member from Utah, on her way to North Carolina and then to Mississippi to work in Hurricane Rita relief.  When you retire, you can have all those adventures. 

From Great Britain, 2 fans talking with author George Perry.

Susan Brock from Missouri has been a fan for 20 years. She converted Dann Norton of Illinois several years ago. Cute pair of fans! Not married to each other, just friends.  But if they were married, and they had some children, they’d be a beautiful family!

Lookalike winner  Scott Brim, Valencia CA,  in red jacket.

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