2005 James Dean Lookalike Contest, page three, Fairmount Indiana

2005 James Dean Lookalike Contest, page three, Fairmount Indiana

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  2005 James Dean Festival
in Fairmount, Indiana
September 24 Lookalike Audience
(page three
of the Lookalike contest)

Jimmy White
Number 55, the 2005 Winning Champion Lookalike.
And guys, if you have won even one, or been close to winning,
you are a lookalike forever.

Where would this festival be without the loyal, outspoken fans?? 


The junior lookalike is supposed to be chosen by the noise the crowd makes, but everybody cheers for everybody, so it’s a tough call.  We have been unable to influence the judges for the adult contest with our cacophony, our whistles and bellows, our screams and shouts.  The winner is chosen by people who knew James Dean, plus our Fan Club President, Pam Crawford, and Sally Most who is a Fairmount native and a stalwart Fairmount Historical Museum worker.

image Linda Levine from South Bend, Indiana  is another lifesaver in the fan club.  I didn’t get to visit with her but we got to wave at the lookalike contest.  See you soon, Linda!

image An artist from Canada via Romania, Isabela is talented beyond measure, and she is a Deaner. Visit her on-line at www.isabelagallery.com   See another picture of Isabella on the fan faces pages taken at David Loehr’s Gallery.
The heir apparent to stage-managing the whole annual festival, Eric Draper’s son knows the ropes.  This year he has football practice and games to take up some of his time.

 image Parade Marshall “Texas Bob” Hinkle in the official James Dean car show hat for 2005, was roped into being a judge for the adult lookalike contest!  He taught James Dean to “talk Texan” for Giant and he taught him how to rope.  He judged at the Rope Lasso contest on Saturday morning.  I have no pictures of that, so if you can send any, please send them to me at editor@tentativetimes.net

Another judge, Fairmount’s own Jim Grindle, in Jimmy’s Fairmount High School class of 1949 as was judge Bob Pulley, shown below.
Judge Bob Pulley with judge Sally Most in the background.

The fifth judge, James Dean’s We Remember Dean International president Pamela Crawford, eluded my camera, but here she is from another gathering. Pam, send me a photo to use if you like!


image  image
An intimidating variety of professionals always scrutinize the Lookalike contest.  We welcome them all.  Thank you for the publicity for Fairmount Museum Days!image  Last but not least, the wonderful Phil Zeigler of Fairmount keeps the crowds under control and soothes the hurt feelings of the many brave contestants who don’t win first prize.  Phil is an uncle to every single one of us fans.  We are family. We are a tribe. We are Deaners.


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