Fans at the 2005 Fairmount James Dean September Festival, page 5

Fans at the 2005 Fairmount James Dean September Festival, page 5

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2005 James Dean Festival
in Fairmount, Indiana
September 23 – 25
Fans at David Loehr’s James Dean
Memorial Gallery and Museum, page 5

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Lookalike winner Scott Brim with a fan in the guest shop at the James Dean Memorial Gallery.
Major fan and artist AnaRosa peekaboos from the corner.  AnaRosa’s art is online at
“eye candy for the soul” The Official AnaRosa Art Studio
Ana went out to Cholame for the September 30th events there, and if we cross our fingers, maybe she will send us a report. Hope, hope, hope!


Three generations in one family share a Dean interest.  Mrs. Samuel Robinson (Evadine,)  an octogenarian, married a Fairmount man who used to work in the glass factory with Dean relatives. James Dean used to ride his bike around the home in which her husband grew up, near the canning factory.  She  knows her Fairmount history!

image  I hope to get a lot more of Mrs. Robinson’s story.  She related that her brother-in-law, Ray Robinson, blew bottles in the glass factory, and John Robinson, the father of Ray and Samuel, worked there too. 

Raymond Trester had a landscaping business in Fairmount. He was a generous man who paid his employees 52 weeks a year, even during the months they couldn’t work because of the weather. Samuel worked for him around 1918.  Evadine said Mr. Trester was a benefactor to Fairmount.
The Robinsons moved to Mishawaka soon after that. 

Samuel’s sister, Cleo Robinson, graduated from Fairmount High School and worked at the Chronicle-Tribune in Marion, Indiana.

Four Outsiders club members, Justin, Erika, Scott and Naomi.


image  image

Never gonna say goodbye… We are all scattered now, Nick to Virginia Beach, Ana in North Carolina, and me at my computer, but we’ll be together again with all the other fans at the next roundup, next September or for the July Fan Appreciation Weekender or perhaps David Loehr’s James Dean birthday party on February 4th or 11th.  See y’all there!

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