Brunch,2005 James Dean Memorial Service, Fairmount Back Creek Friends

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October 17, 2005   URL is (and it is also the index file for 05m3mo/)

at Back Creek’s brunch you’re here! at the service outside Back Creek Meeting at Park Cemetery in Fairmount Friends Meeting

Maxine Rowland (OH) with Memorial co-chairman Tom Berghuis. In the multicolored frame is Etienne Heijndryckx from Belgium.

Martha Howell’s daughter Linda Haynes in yellow, keeping the food replenished; and another dedicated James Dean fan, Jim Curran from Massachusetts.  Jim unfailingly provides the flowers, every year, for the September 30th Memorial Service.

Marlin and Sandy Wilson, good friends of the Winslows, never miss a Dean event.

Marianne O’Malley (IL) and Jesse Dillinger (MI, IN and TN)
Back Creek stalwart Mildred Carter talks to Lew Bracker, a speaker this year.
Maxine Rowland with a surprise visitor from the Caribbean, Sara Roumette.  Sara read of the Memorial Service and hopped a plane to Indianapolis.  She is originally from France, or she is originally French speaking, but we all communicated perfectly.  It takes nerves of steel to come so far, alone, in my humble opinion, but the risk is always worth it!


The lady in blue lives in Marion.  She was here for the first time.  Her good friend from Indianapolis, in the white top,  urged her to come.  She settled in and felt at home. 
Ivan Ivins (IN) greets Anne Warr of the Fairmount Historical Society.  Seated, in the green skirt, is Mrs. Marrs, Misty Marr’s mother.  Misty is a longstanding rock lasso champion of the world. I am not kidding. 

They raced up from Kentucky and may have had to race back before the candlelight service.  Have not heard if they stayed for it.  I was asleep back at home before the candlelight march ended, so I can’t report on it.

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On the left, first time fan visitor Isabela Vasile from Canada, and before that from Romania.  Isabella got to know us by e-mail many years ago. She does stunning artwork with James Dean, and besides Dean she has a whole gallery of her writings and art on-line at  Like this site, most of her pages lead to many more links within her website.   It has been Isabela’s lifelong goal to come to Fairmount in person.  She’s been living here in her mind.  Welcome at last, Isabela. 

In the blue picture frame is wonderful Mattie Sellers, the soul of generosity and the organist for Back Creek Friends Church.  There’s more about Mattie  on several other pages from this 2005 Memorial Service. 

He’s from Canada. She’s from North Carolina. 

Mattie with two guests at the Memorial Service brunch.  The man in the pink shirt is from Germany and he says to take a peek at thesecond page of brunchersnow

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