2005 James Dean September Festival in Fairmount Indiana

2005 James Dean September Festival in Fairmount Indiana

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Let’s try a scrapbook, fans!

Here’s a scrapbook of pictures sent in by Dean fans!  This is a new deaners.net website effort.
It will be easier for me to add your photos into a “scrapbook” than to remake by older web pages.  Let’s see what we have to share with one another!  I’ll work on graphics to make it more eye-catching.  At last I can post all the photos I have neglected.  Here are the submission guidelines

Extra Photos from the
2005 James Dean Festival
in Fairmount, Indiana
September 23 – 25

image  image
Lookalike #7, Aldrich from Crossville TN and his three stairsteps. Two were in the Junior Lookalike contest.  Christian, on the left, won it! 

image  Lookalike David Wozinsky by Ana Rosa Amaral.

Ana Rosa Amaral with Texas Bob Hinkle.  See the Rock Lasso page when it’s on line!

Fairmount Welcomes Jen Ariano!!
Taking a break in the Giant Bar and Grill in downtown Fairmount, a motley crew
of Deaners including, in Mardi Gras beads, Jen Ariano from Illinois. This was her first trip to Fairmount, and from this picture you see the reception she got.  Deaners are family.

The rest of the crew includes Ana Rosa Amaral from NC, Nick Parsons from VA, Jesse Dillinger (now from Tennessee,) Scot Brim from CA, and way in back, Bob Socci of NY  and from Derbyshire, Midlands, Great Britain, Mark Curzon in Nick’s hat.


Bob Socci on the left, in his role as a zombie in Poultrygeist, an upcoming movie. Doesn’t that make him Bobzombie?  He should start a band.

PICTURES ARE POURING IN and I have to create and put up the Memorial Service pages before I add to this scrapbook.  But I’m motivated.  I will get it done.  Love you all, from Sandra


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Fans, email photos of yourselves or a Fairmount picture you are in to editor@tentativetimes.net
     Submissions should be as sharp as possible, but small in Kb size, preferably under 60 Kb. If that is all Greek to you, send anyway and I will try to edit your picture.  So far no-one has sent me a small photo!  I lose everything I touch, so don’t send me photos unless you keep duplicates.