James Dean New Gallery Opens, Page 4 of guests

James Dean New Gallery Opens, Page 4 of guests

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Lisa and Jim Dutcher again, owners of Tip Top Atomic Shop in Milwaukee.  Living La Vida Rockabilly!

New Light Baptist Church gave a barbecue to raise funds for Kids Hope USA.  It was perfection!  Several cookers smoked away all day.  People ate ’til they couldn’t waddle.  Maybe they could come to your event.
Contact New Light Baptist Church at  765.664.0133. The mailing address is 1102 South Race Street, Marion IN 46953.  Pastor is Larry Batchers.  You owe it to yourself to eat New Light’s bbq at least once in your lifetime!

Remember to watch the archived Dean shows in the big-screen theatre.

You could buy pizza by the slice from East of Chicago Pizza located at exit 59 on I-69, same as the new Gallery.  If you aren’t familiar with this franchise, it got its name from a customer who told the owner “You have the best pizza east of Chicago.”  Years later, I find more and more of these delightful shops.

Billy Poore of Tennessee.  The ultimate Rockabilly fan, Poore has written a definitive book and has produced CDs that will keep rockabilly roots alive.  He’s been in on Rockabilly since day one.  Google him. (I got 463 hits including various other languages.  He’s a genuine icon in the music world.)

Everybody wants to be in show business. Here’s an up and coming star.

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See also David Loehr’s own website for the Gallery, http://www.jamesdeangallery.com/

imageThe Deaners Net website lives at http://www.deaners.net/
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The former James Dean Memorial Gallery in Fairmount, Indiana, at 425 North Main Street, now houses Lenny’s memorabilia store on the entire first floor.  See www.tentativetimes.net/lenny/

The Fairmount Historical Museum is still at 203 East Washington Street in Fairmount, Indiana.  It has an excellent collection of James Dean artifacts owned by the Winslow family.  Their web site is www.jamesdeanartifacts.com

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