Guests at the New James Dean Memorial Gallery, page 1

Guests at the New James Dean Memorial Gallery, page 1

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Saturday Guests at the New James Dean Memorial Gallery

image Marion’s Mayor Wayne Seabold holds a key to ——?  I missed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Yes, these women are ambassadors for Gas City, Indiana.  I love that concept. 

Let me check with David to identify this man.

Father and son came from Great Britain.  The father is writing a book on James Dean.  The library at the Gallery is essential for research. 

Brian Hatton, David Loehr and (the president of the Road Rockets?)

Artist Chris Haynes brings a gift for David.  Next to her, Lookalike winner Brian Burke.
Chris and Brian live in Daytona, Florida, but plan on moving to Los Angeles for Brian’s acting career. Next to Brian, dedicated fan Carol Thailing of Ohio. 


David Loehr’s breathtaking new art-deco building at exit 59 off Interstate 69, Gas City, Indiana,  attracted dignitaries, ambassadors and fans  to celebrate this  tribute  to our favorite actor, James Dean of Fairmount, Indiana. Now 6,500 square feet of James Dean memorabilia is on view, including a huge research library. 


This jolly mon is a photographer from California.  I can fill in the blanks when you-all email me the facts.    

 image  image
In the white shirt, the brother of the “ghost of John Lennon,”  Tony Tucker of the Fairmount Antique Mall.  He has many James Dean curiosities.  He also is active on eBay.


 image   image
A family dressed for Rockabilly and the man who laid all the carpet in the Gallery.  (I will find his business card.)

I see by his name tag that he is a diplomat for Gas City or Marion.  Bet the daughters are twins, eh?  Thank you for joining the party!      

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