James Dean New Gallery Opens, Page 3 of guests

James Dean New Gallery Opens, Page 3 of guests

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More Saturday Guests at the
New James Dean Memorial Gallery

Maryann Michna with her Hassleblad, a recent coup from eBay.  Maryann is an artist who has made many Dean-related photos and videos.

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Nancy lives in Virginia.  She brought her original art, shown below, as a gift to David Loehr for the Gallery.  She brought photos of the Winslow farmhouse taken 50 years ago.  Marcus Winslow Sr. stands by the tree in the bottom picture.  In another photo she brought, Nancy and her son stand at the brick monument at Park Cemetery (gone now.) Her little son, in the picture, came to the Gallery opening too. He’s fifty years old now. 

Nancy’s James Dean collection once rivaled David Loehr’s.  Alas, half of it, stored in a storage unit, was stolen many years ago.  Now that we have the internet, we can start posting the details of these thefts as soon as they occur.  We can all try to get the items back to the rightful owners.
Marion’s Mayor, Wayne Seabold, may look familiar to you.  Wayne and his sister were Olympic ice skating stars.  Wayne has challenges with the recent closing of the Thompson plant in Marion, but we know he has the determination to find solutions.

David and Lenny with Joe Schulte of Michigan.  Joe has been a dedicated Dean fan since his first time seeing Rebel Without a Cause.  He is on many Deaner e-zine pages.


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Thanks go to this pair of dancers at the Saturday band blow-out.  It boosts a band’s energy to have dancers cutting a rug.  These two toe-tappers set the standard!  If you can walk, you can dance…. why doesn’t everyone do it?  I’ve seen wheelchairs on the dance floor.  All you have to do is to forget your self-consciousness.  I like to wear a big feathered Mardi-Gras mask. Get Out On The Floor.
Be sure to see  Page  6:  still more Saturday guests at the Gallery

David Loehr’s breathtaking new art-deco building at exit 59 off Interstate 69, Gas City, Indiana attracted dignitaries, ambassadors and fans  to celebrate this  tribute  to our favorite actor, James Dean of Fairmount, Indiana. Now 6,500 square feet of James Dean memorabilia is on view, including a huge research library. 

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