Rockabilly Bands at the New James Dean Memorial Gallery

Rockabilly Bands at the New James Dean Memorial Gallery

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Inside the New James Dean Memorial Gallery

David Loehr has unveiled his art-deco building at exit 59 off Interstate 69, Gas City, Indiana.  These bands played for the guests on Saturday, May 15, 2004.
There were three or four bands.  I was in and out so much that I got more confused than usual. 

THE STAR DEVILS from Cincinnati

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THE ROUND UPS (from Indianapolis?)

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Eric’s Band

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The Bel Airs played with son-in-law Rusty Bel Air on doghouse bass, Jake Bel Air on guitar, Tim Bel Air on guitar and vocals, Stix Bel Air on drums and Dani Bel Air making a guest appearance, singing.  See a tribute page to Dani

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This sound crew  is the greatest.  They drove everyone around in golf carts.  Their sound control was the best I’ve heard.  And guess what, their main focus these days is making videos of weddings and receptions.  Contact information:  (lost it, will find it soon.  my bad)

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Thanks to  Jim and Lisa Dutcher for coming down from Milwaukee to show their support!
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