Visiting unique New Harmony, Indiana

Visiting unique New Harmony, Indiana

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Visiting New Harmony, Indiana

Way down upon the Wabash River in Indiana, on the Illinois border, lies an incredible restoration of a small town with an amazing history. Welcome to New Harmony, Indiana where we spent our summer vacation. (I just poured my heart into this site about my first trip to New Harmony. I am not an official representative of anything. Sandra Weinhardt,

The physical location is on Indiana State Highways 66 and 68.

Corey T and friends
Corey, on the right, was our tour guide both in the morning and in the afternoon, at different locations. He is very well trained, so I imagine some credit goes to his high school and some to his mom who is also a tour guide.
Picture yourself walking down a quiet street and coming upon Corey and his friends using toys from the Owen and Rappite eras! (Demonstrating stilts, tops, hoops, etc.) It was a complete time warp, unforgettable. The friends here turned out to be relatives of Corey’s, and in the white hat (proving he’s the Good Guy, right?) is his stepdad, who I thought was another teen who just didn’t talk much.
Corey really knows his history. He is going to be a professor some day, I’ll bet.
I hope someone can help him identify and repair the broom-making machine he showed us. Here are the pictures of the problem:

broom machine4broom machine3broom machine2broom machine1
Thank you to the kind men who wrote about helping to restore the broom-making equipment.  Corey has moved on from his summer job, and I don’t know the status of the broom activity now.

Another fascinating stop on the tour is the community oven for baking. This delightful volunteer ably churned butter as she explained all about the huge oven. The oven is stoked with wood for hours, then the wood is all shovelled out! The masonry retains the heat, while all the families put their loaves in to cook. There were five of these ovens about the town. (How did you know which loaves were yours?)
butter guideoven

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book return
Cheers to the Indiana state bird, receiving books due back at the New Harmony library! Shouldn’t we copy that for the Limberlost public library at Geneva, Indiana, home of Gene Stratton-Porter’s Limberlost Cabin and Swamp State Historic Site??

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