Buildings in historic New Harmony, Indiana

Buildings in historic New Harmony, Indiana

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Buildings in New Harmony, Indiana

(I just poured my heart into this site about my first trip to New Harmony. I am not an official representative of anything. Sandra Weinhardt,

gate    Go ahead. Open the gate. Explore. But first get your pass at the Atheneum down by the river, the big white modern building which will welcome you with a short movie, a gift shop, comfort stations and all the information you could want. The pass tells you which houses have guides available. Not all are open all the time. See everything you possibly can!

granary    Newly restored, the Granary was the site of prodigious natural history research in the Owen era. Not open to the public when I was there, but explained by the guide at the Workingman’s Institute.

You may be hard pressed to tell which buildings are private homes. Fortunately, some have signs.
brick housegreen housepoplar wood

So many buildings, so little time! Plan to stay overnight, so you can see everything. We stayed right in New Harmony in the Inn, in the most interesting setting, reminiscent of the Harmonist culture. You will never forget the beautiful poplar wood used in the floors, doors, and furniture. Informational tidbit: there are now TV sets in the bedrooms of the Inn, which used to be a place of silent reflection. You don’t have to switch the TV on, of course!

Opera House    The universities put on plays and concerts here. A fascinating restoration.

brick house 2
summer kitchenThe log portion is a summer kitchen from the days of the Utopians.

restored homeprivate homea Victorian?

plaque on gardenfountain   Find the charming Carol Owen Coleman memorial garden, where you are welcome with your child and your little dog too.
cannon    Find this cannon and learn whose boat it hit by accident.
street signs    Find out why the streets seem so oddly named!
2 geese    Find these two embdens in Tillich Park behind the hotel.
gateway sculpture    Find this peace sculpture honoring all who died too young.

roof    Find this gorgeous roof downtown.
storefrontmore storesstill more stores    Don’t be fooled by the small size of downtown. There are antiques galore, garden shops, bookstores, places to eat and explore. There is a working drugstore in case you forget your sunblock. Maybe you would like to leave your ratrace and open a shop here, eh?

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