James Dean Fans Supper Dance, 2002

James Dean Fans Supper Dance, 2002

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David Loehr’s 2002 Dinner Dance

James Dean Fan’s Weekend, Part One
by Mark Kinnaman

Hats off to David Loehr who put together the 5th Annual Fan Appreciation Weekend in Fairmount, Indiana. Friday night fans and friends gathered at the Fairmount Lion’s Club for lively conversation, a tasty meal, and to hear young Rockabilly singer James Byron (yes, that’s his real name) from Chicago entertain the enthusiastic crowd.

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The weekend seemed more like a family reunion with all of the “catching up” and “comparing notes” of each other’s lives. Overheard most was the phrase “So what have you been up to since I saw you last?” James Dean’s fans are   like family, sharing a common bond that outsiders really don’t understand.

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Fans came from Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even England to enjoy this funfilled weekend.

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After the dinner dance, 20 brave souls ventured into the streets for the Fairmount Walking Tour, to see the sights and learn about the town as it related to James Dean.   [Report by Mark Kinnaman]


nieces829.jpg (12400 bytes) Adam Pelletier’s cousin Amanda has taken over the job of page turner for the Jeopardy/trivia game each year.  Way to go, Amanda!  Her aunt, Sue Pelletier Mohammed is still the score keeper.  Sue also grades the tests we take to see who will be a contestant.  (See link to Jeopardy game below.)

vic867.jpg (9190 bytes)  Vic Bent has built a Classic 1955 Porsche Spyder, available for appearances and special display.  Contact him at 518.479.3654. 

lenn846.jpg (8853 bytes) Lenny   kurtw833.jpg (4401 bytes) Kurt Whirl

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 jontuck.jpg (4837 bytes)   Jon Tucker, co-owner of Fairmount Antique Mall, with his brother Tony. 

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Jim Byron and his band

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Jim Byron, with his band

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Hire Jim Byron’s band and you too will look like this: jepodl12.jpg (7613 bytes)

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