James Dean Fan Appreciation Banquet 2002

James Dean Fan Appreciation Banquet 2002

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James Dean Fan’s Weekend, Part Three
by Mark Kinnaman

Again, the Hostess House in Marion provided the elegance of a truly enchanting evening. Jimmy’s cousin Marcus Winslow started off the evening by thanking everyone for attending.
Longtime fan Joe Shulte spoke briefly about the effect that Jimmy has had on his life and showed a picture of his granddaughter, the next generation of James Dean fans.

que115.jpg (12155 bytes)  Joe Schulte and his brother Ed.

David Loehr kept things moving along by introducing Phil Ziegler , who read a message from fan club president, Kris Frailey. Then Phil recited one of his most popular poems, “Rockin’ & Rollin’ down Memory Lane”.
usepz122.jpg (10192 bytes) Click here to read Phil Ziegler’s 50’s poem

Dr Gordon McLennan

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The featured speaker for the evening was Dr. Gordon McLennan from London, Ontario Canada, who provided excellent recorded evidence of the impact that James Dean has had on the world. He read poems from Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley, statements from such notables as Ingmar Bergman, Steven Spielberg, and Roger Ebert.

He stressed the importance of recording the words and the thoughts of the people still alive who remembered Jimmy so that years from now historians can discover just who the real James Dean was. The person, not the exploded myth that becomes more distorted with each generation.

He urged everyone to gear up for the 50th anniversary of Jimmy’s death in 2005. He envisioned an impressive concert for the event.   He introduced us to the concept of MaxiVision48 which could preserve Dean movies and all the other films inexpensively and with greater clarity than DVD.  Let’s keep the pressure on for developing this worthwhile technique.   Read more on MaxiVison 48 here  
and here: http://reelbutter.homestead.com/KeepFilmAlive.html

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