James Dean Fans in Fairmount, Indiana, May 2009

James Dean Fans in Fairmount, Indiana, May 2009

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The May, 2009 James Dean Fan Get-together,
Gallery Action

Photos of fans living it up at David Loehr’s James Dean Gallery:

Mark Kinnaman, kissed by  Molly Maila Crawford, canine child of Pam and Kevin.
That is only a fake ferret on Mark’s shoulder.

 Weezie, the ferret child of Mark Tappan,  met both Chico the Chocolate Lab and Abra, David and Lenny’s German Shepherd.  He then took a nap in my purse.
Maybe you can’t see it, but Weezie is nestled against Clown Town, a book about growing up in Chicago in the 1950’s by Dean fan Lou Macaluso. Read a review here. Visit his website www.lousbabyboomers.com or contact him by email at loudor@comcast.net
My husband loved this book; he used to play with his cousin Herb Walberg II in the same neighborhood Lou writes about.  He kept reading passages aloud as he read  Clown Town.

Molly Maila meets Chico.  Tim Kiernan from Michigan relaxes on the porch of the Gallery, the best seat in town, while Weezie and Molly wind their leashes around his ankles. 

image Masumi posed with a statue of James Dean on the lawn of the Gallery.  She had been the hostess of the young man who brought her today, when he had been studying in Japan.  He had stayed with her family for five months.  Sorry I don’t have more details. They were in a whirlwind of activity!

Our Georgia peaches tried for 15 years to move to Fairmount and finally made their dream come true. Our newest fan residents are
Mary and Donn Force who live near Bill and Shirley,  fans transplanted from Arizona.  Did you know that some fans come to the USA solely to visit Fairmount? I guess some people come just to go to Graceland, but our simple white Winslow farmhouse out by Back Creek Friends Meeting is the main destination for many people from abroad.  People already in the United States simply move here!  Donn Force has opened a welcome and needed fitness center downtown.  I’d say he wrote the book on fitness! 

I didn’t realize that I had taken so few pictures at the Gallery. I must have been having too much fun instead.  Therefore, betake thyself to the banquet pages for a great many more fan portraits, some of my best work in years, she said modestly.  Except the sun was in our eyes, and I forgot that there was a setting on my camera to overcome that…..

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