Fan Gather at Payne’s Custard, May 2009 Fan Gather at Payne’s Custard, May 2009

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The May, 2009 James Dean Fan Get-together
at Stephen Payne’s Cafe

The get-together for May 2009 started  with dinner at Stephen Payne’s on Friday night. Here are some of the usual suspects and a ringer.

Kevin Crawford, Mark in a Lenny shirt, Lenny in a tee-shirt chat at the counter in Payne’s Custard and Cafe.  Phone 765.998.0668
It’s on KayBee Drive behind Cracker Barrel at exit 59 on I-69.  It is east of the off ramps.

Lenny and David dote on the ringer, Molly Maila Crawford, baby of Kevin and fan club president Pam, on right.
Maila’s middle name is in memory of Maila Nuri, the original Vampira, a Deaner whom we lost last year.  You’ll see more of Molly at every event this weekend.  She has a layette of baby blankets.


Trying to get all four little Paynes, in this photo, I failed.  Steven is on the far right. Andrew holds Molly.
In stripes, the indomitable Mrs. Stephen Payne, JEN. She keeps it all together.  Stephen is branching out to nearby campus locations.  Want one near you?  Let him know. 

image  Two tiny Payne offspring.  The others wiggled and ran too much to catch.

Roger Tappan, red hat, and Bill Weinhardt, green shirt.  Who had chocolate frozen custard with peanut butter sauce?  We had fabulous salads and soups and sandwiches, huge portions with impeccable presentation. 

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See Payne’s Restaurant here: 
If you Google Stephen Payne’s Custard, you will find places to rate this restaurant.  Come on, fans! You know how much you love it.

Lenny shirts: see Rebel Rebel

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