James Dean fan appreciation weekend 2002

James Dean fan appreciation weekend 2002

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David Loehr’s 2002 Fan Appreciation Weekend was a complete success.  As always, newcomers were instantly part of the family, and whoever couldn’t make the trip this August was discussed and missed, but not dissed.   Here are some of the best photos to lead you to the other pages.  Thanks to Mark Kinnaman for the reporting.  

Sunday, even the heat could not detour the faithful from venturing out to the Gallery for a marvelous cookout hosted by David and Lenny. The food was excellent and the afternoon was filled again with the talent of James Byron. Members of the Road Rockets Car Club came with their classic cars and hot rods to lend more ’50s cachet to the affair.

Always a great time, plan to come next year!

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Which player won Jeopardy???????  See the new Jeopardy page

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The biggest hit of the weekend was either Del Rey or his Buick.  Take your pick.   He drove lots of people around for hours and hours.  Oh, I shoudl have said they cruised.  Thanks, Del!  And come back for a Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, since you are a Jeopardy winner. 

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