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To join the only official James Dean fan club, James Dean Remembered. When you want the details on joining, please go to the forms page at /jdr/fanform.html which you can print out, fill out, and mail with your check. It’s that easy.

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NEW EMAIL ADDRESS:  But be sure to contact Pamela Crawford by email at with your questions. She is in charge of the content for this club site, but I, Sandra, am responsible for having the wrong email address for Pam, from time to time. This is the latest (January 2009) correct address. 

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For your membership, you should receive THREE awesome newsletters per year, allowing for disasters and emergencies, plus monthly email updates about upcoming events and TV shows, etc. You are also encouraged to put your classified ad in the newsletter, if it would be of interest to other Deaners. You can write for the newsletter if you have a good topic, and sometimes there are favors included with the mailing. Kip Brown’s column links the rest of the country to the West Coast News, of which there is a lot!  Mark Kinnaman is answering frequently asked questions, (even if they have only been asked once.)   Beloved member Phil Zeigler keeps us updated about Fairmount.  David Loehr checks in.  Our printed magazine is definitely one of the best in this country, and it is in COLOR!


Newest news:

In remembering the late Dennis Hopper, fan club member and entertainment writer Bob Rees sent me this letter:

” I was very fortunate nearly 25 years back to interview Dennis Hopper when he was here in Houston. He visited Rice University campus in order to run his new film–Out of the Blue. He had just finished Blue Velvet recently as well. He also put on a bizarre multi media spontaneous presentation, and he spoke. He was not in good shape–as he was pretty messed up on drugs, but he has nice things to say about Jimmy. I spoke with him after his lecture and he was very worshipful towards Jimmy. That was his idol.

Jimmy taught him how to act, he said. “How to smoke a cigarette short”. He said Jimmy told him that he thought the two of them should–“take hold of this town (Hwood) by its tail, and give it a good spin”. After Jimmy died, Hopper tried to take up Dean’s mantle of being the Rebel. Living that role on and off screen. But what Hopper lacked was discipline and grounding. Anyway–after the media presentation and lecture ended–we all got in school buses and drove out of town to a race track! There Dennis Hopper proceeded to tie himself into a chair that was rigged with sticks of dynamite and he ignited it! All that happened was that the chair went up in the air several feet and came right back down to sit on the ground!

He was lucky-as this was a serious and dangerous stunt he pulled. After–he was -of course-more dazed and confused than he already had been. A few weeks later he was picked up in Mexico out of control running naked through the streets. He went to a sanitarium of sorts.

Glad to say that the last 20 years of Hopper’s life–he cleaned up his act and life. Publicly and privately-he pulled himself together and had many “normal” years. He was a special, distinctive and unique kind of talent. There is no one quite like him around nowdays. It was seldom an easy ride for the Easy Rider–but he will be missed and remembered as an important Hollywood character. Need I add–my interview with him was the strangest one of my career as an Entertainment Writer. Interesting memories–again Dennis was one of a kind,
and I am glad I got to spend an evening in his world so many years ago. R.I.P. Dennis.

best–Robert Rees–here in the Lonestar Giant state. “

Upcoming: The official Fan Appreciation Weekend in July. Check David Loehr’s website for the latest news on those events:

Note to those of you in town for JD Birthday Weekend: Please don’t forget about the Municipal Building event on Sunday. If you possibly can, try to attend the movie before you leave town. The good folks at the Municipal Building go to a lot of trouble setting up for the movie and buying refreshments every year — and attendance has really been poor the last few years. It’s a great time for us to watch one of Jimmy’s movies together and a great way of showing our appreciation to the folks at the Municipal Building for their trouble!

This is always a great time. Hope we see you there.  For more info you can email Sue at, Pam at or call David Loehr (the host for the weekend) at  (765) 948-3326

2. Poem by fan Linda Levine at

3. Many of Mark Kinnaman‘s articles will soon appear on this website!  Mark had closed his own website but will allow us to read his fabulous articles right here.  I am trying to contact Kip Brown too, for permission to show some of his older work.

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    What is a silent auction?  At our dinners we usually have a silent auction.  There will be items on a table, with a sign-up list for each item. You sign your name and add what you would pay, and each person who signs that particular page has to bid higher.  You can go back and bid on the things you want as much as you need to.  I expect to see a lot of items at this year’s auction. The James Dean Remembered fan club needs the money to buy ink cartridges for our superb color printer.



Ken Carpenter art
James Dean interpreted by Ken Carpenter of Massachusetts

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1. Pam Crawford is  our President. Sue Pelletier is Vice-President.

2. Read the new biography of James Dean written by Kris Frailey. Soon to be on this website.

3. Remember to read about the benefits of being a club member, on the application form page

4. Linda Levine’s poem — at last, on line!

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NEW EMAIL ADDRESSBut be sure to contact Pamela Crawford by email atpjcrawford@suddenlink.netwith your questions. She is in charge of the content for this club site, but I, Sandra, am responsible for having the wrong email address for Pam, until now. 

Please Take Part In Our PollWhich Dean film is your favorite?East of EdenRebel Without A CauseGiantAll of them
View ResultsKen Carpenter’s PoemKenThis poem first appeared in the Dean Zine of Autumn, 2000.GUESTBOOK!View My GuestbookFree Guestbook by GuestpageSign My Guestbook We are sad to report that James Dean Jeopardy champion and long-time friend Jesse Dillinger has passed.  Details will follow.  Marianne O’Malley called David Loehr with the news on Thursday, January 15, 2009.  Jesse had lupus and had not been able to come to Fairmount since July of 2007.  Jesse worked at the James Dean Gallery for a long time and she will be missed and honored by all Deaners.   Read more about Jesse on her page here.People We DigMy Deaners logo of James Dean is by U.S. Army veteran Mark Kinnaman, artist to the fans. Mark used to  make hand-painted, not air-brushed, James Dean denim jackets. I know I treasure mine, and Dean clothes and accessories are a great way to meet other Dean fans wherever you go. You will want to keep up to date on David Loehr‘s James Dean  Gallery at http://www.jamesdeangallery.comFor up-to-date schedules for the September festival, your best source is the Fairmount Historical Museum at  Buy a red Rebel Without a Cause jacket at Daddy-O’s.  Their website is  and all business is via the internet. If they are out of stock, go to the Fairmount Historical Museum at Another helpful, wonderful fan has a lot of James Dean videos.  Visit Bob Rees at of the people who have publicized us for a long time are Jon and Tony Tucker who run the Fairmount Antique Mall. Their website is    There is a fund raiser coming up for John’s completely uninsured significant lady, Nancy Allen, called Haunters for Hooters.  Details available at This is not the restaurant chain called Hooters.Webmistress for the club is Sandra Weinhardt,