Fairmount Indiana Sweetheart Dance 2010

Fairmount Indiana Sweetheart Dance 2010

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Mainstreet Fairmount’s
2010 Sweetheart Dance 
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       Mainstreet Fairmount, Indiana is one of  idea guru/nationally recognized business coach John Schallert’s ways to revitalize downtowns or small towns.  Fairmount has about 3000 residents and all the charm of the 1950s.  Many merchants and other Fairmounters held their first big event this February, 2010, in a severe snowstorm. 

image Photo by Nancy Allen

       I write www.deaners.net and went to the wonderful dinner-dance with other Deaners, as we Dean fans call ourselves.  We were welcomed like family and we all pitched in to warm up the freezing night with love and lasagna.



       The band wasJazz Rolle Sextet, a six piece jazz ensemble from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.  The trumpeter is Mr. Rolle, from Haiti I think.  They set to work to learn big band music for us. When they took the floor, they played non-stop for probably two hours.  Well done, fellows, and we hope you can return.  Hire this band if you can get them.   It will be a smart move!


 Many champion cooks brought their best desserts. The dessert table was like a state fair contest!  Nancy Allen made a sugar-free cherry pie. The treats were labeled but not with the cook’s names.  They should add that next time.  “Next time” will be a 4th of July event or possibly a chili cookoff. 



Various generous Fairmounters cooked the lasagna and Nancy Allen made pumpkin lasagna for the vegetarians. They made two different salads and I think I remember bread. We had juice, iced tea, and coffee,  People pitched in with china, so we had elegant tables with real silverware instead of plastic.  It was not a buffet. We were served at the tables, with more attention than any restaurant ever gave its customers. Tickets cost only $15.00!

(Deaner) Roger Tappan, actor and DJ, appropriated my carnation for this photo. Each lady received a red carnation.  I ate mine, of course. (I always pose for the camera with a flower held in my teeth.)

       AuthorTed Bernal Guevara  came from Indianapolis to sign his new novel, Days of Slint, about James Dean.  His publisher suddenly delayed the book so Ted stayed to meet more Fairmounters at the dance.  We are impressed with Ted’s dedication to his art, just as we are impressed with James Dean’s dedication to acting.  Ted is a Ball State University alumnus and I believe he graduated from Marion (Indiana) High School. I can’t wait for the book to arrive!  I don’t know the name of the young lady beside him. 

image  imageimage



       Lenny Prussack and noted James Dean archivist David Loehr did the huge cardboard heart decorations.  I don’t know who supplied the  enormous  balloon arch, but they are probably still in bed trying to catch their breath.  We Deaners hope you’ll join in the next Mainstreet Fairmount event.  If you know and love Fairmount, you can also contribute to the tree planting at the park, and donate to the snazzy new library.  The old library that James Dean used is still there on Main Street, used by the library board for meetings and classes and office space.


       David Loehr made this poster for the dance.  It should become a collector’s item, ahem.  Here’s the Dean link.  The last time Jimmy visited Fairmount, where he grew up, he stopped in at the Fairmount High School Valentine Dance.  His picture at that dance is on the poster here.
       February 8 is also James Dean’s  birthday.  So instead of our regular birthday party for James Dean that weekend, we joined with Mainstreet Fairmount who kindly moved their dance up a week  to “our” weekend. It worked out splendidly!

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John Schallert


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