Fairmount Indiana Sweetheart Dance 2010 page 3

Fairmount Indiana Sweetheart Dance 2010 page 3

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Mainstreet Fairmount’s
2010 Sweetheart Dance 
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image I pulled this fine shot out of a picture where all the rest was too dark. 

image Jon Tucker of the Fairmount Antique Mall rests for a minute after the meal. He was a cook and bottle-washer, server and all-around handyman.

image Nancy Allen of Fairmount Antique Mall  took our “prom photos” and printed them out right then and there!  It was only $5.00 a shot, and it raised money for Mainstreet Fairmount.  Did I mention all the door prizes?  Interest was keen when they started calling out numbers for massages, gym time, haircuts and other treats available in town.  Lots of donations made for lots of winners!  Nancy also cooked, served and cleaned.

image  Another wonderful Dean fan, Mary Ann Michna, has a show coming up soon in Terre Haute.  She is a painter and photographer.  She hopes to move to Fairmount soon.  Look for her on Facebook. 

image Stephen Payne and wife Jenn got a sitter for their four boys and cut a rug at the dance.  Stephen is a Deaner who owns Payne’s Coffee and Custard at Gas City exit 59 off I-69, 4 miles north of the Fairmount turnoff.  We were scheduled for a Deaners dinner there on Friday night before the day of the dance, but only my husband and I made it through the snow.  Wonderful food and atmosphere, located across the access road that runs by Cracker Barrel. Make it a destination. 

Also, our Saturday morning Deaners bunch brunch at the Remember When Diner on Main Street in Fairmount was cancelled when the owner couldn’t get in to open up.  We ate together at the Outpost instead. You know we are showing our age when, instead of shopping, we all went to our motel rooms for a nice nap after brunch. 

image Mark Kinnaman (on right) has all his photos of the dance on FaceBook already.  You can see them here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/album.php?aid=2037580&id=1085824836

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Mainstreet Fairmount is on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Main-Street-Fairmount-Indiana/190037074598
You need to join FaceBook to read it but I expect this page will give you some contacts too. 

John Schallert

Jon and Tony Tucker’s Antiques Mall in Fairmount

Helping Hands in Fairmount, Indiana

Fairmount Historical Museum

The town of Fairmount, Indiana

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