James Dean Lookalike contest 2004, Fairmount, Indiana

James Dean Lookalike contest 2004, Fairmount, Indiana

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James Dean Festival Lookalike Contest
 (Fairmount Museum Days)
September 25, 2004
 Fairmount, Indiana

This year a new rule cropped up.  If you win the contest twice, you can never enter again. It made some of the guys stand down this year, hoping for the big prize in the 50th anniversary year of 2005.  This page shows all 6 contestants, judges, fans and links out.



Contestants by number:

  • #138, Robert Fish, Fremont CA
  • #140, Tom Moore, Baltimore MD
  • #149, Del Rey,  Illinois
  • #151, Andrew Cochran, Grand Rapids MI
  • #152, David Wozniak, Sterling Heights MI
  • #153, Jimmy White, Kokomo IN






Del Rey wore several different costumes.  As the hunting Jimmy, he tossed four stuffed toy rabbits to the audience.  Later you will see him as an oil-drenched Jett Rink.  Below, the famous rifle pose.

With winner Jimmy White is Brian Burke, the 2003 winner.  Brian presented the trophy to Jimmy White.


Our 2004 Champion, Jimmy White with the 2004 Junior Lookalike winner, Daryen Carothers of Marion, Indiana.


Different rules for the big boys than for the juniors.  The winner here depends on the judges rather than on the audience applause, screams and whistles. 

Judges from left, Pam Crawford, President of James Dean International Fan Club; Phil Zeigler, administrative assistant to Marcus Winslow; 7-time winner Larry Ledgerwood; former Chief of Police Jim Grindle, classmate of Jimmy’s;  Sally Most, the volunteer with the mostest, and Bob Pulley, boyhood pal and pallbearer for James Dean.
The photo of Sally didn’t turn out, but she is on the dance contest page as a judge.  She is a rock lasso judge too.  Here’s the shot of Bob Pulley looking perky.  Bob and Shirley have moved into town, near the flower shop.  Be sure to visit them.

    Pam and Phil mug.  The James Dean International Fan Club has a webpage, linked below.      




This is why I need to stand on stage to take  pictures of contestants.  My camera will not work beyond the apron with the lighting available on the contest stage.  I can’t get good crowd shots at all, after dusk. 


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