The 2006 James Dean Fan Appreciation banquet

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August 5, 2006     URL is

David Loehr’s 2006 James Dean
Fan Appreciation Weekend,
Banquet at Ryan’s

Oh, oh! You might be new.  This is an annual weekend long event in Fairmount, Indiana, for James Dean fans, developed and hosted by David Loehr.  He used to have the James Dean Gallery.  Now he is selling his collection.  The old Gallery house in Fairmount is now Lenny’s Retro shop. Links below.
In this picture are Pam Crawford, Little Rock, Arkansas, who is President of James Dean Remembered fan club (link below), Teresita Gonzales from Illinois, a productive fan club member, and Sue Mohamed of Illinois, fan club co-President and sender of the emails.

Don Davis of Jonesboro IN,  Linda LeVine and Jim Grindle of Fairmount.  Jim was a classmate of Jimmy.

Jim Grindle on left, Roger Tappan in the middle and Teresita Gonzalez on right.

The two beautiful sisters from near Milan, Italy , with the Rogers daughter, Rachel. She’ll be a senior in High School this fall.
Re the camera: sometimes it’s hard to find certain film sizes in small towns in the USA, so bring all you can when you visit. 

     The Rogers family from Janesville, Wisconsin. Rachel was delighted to win this James Dean doll in the Silent Auction.
     Speaking of which, you can outbid anyone on any item if you want to keep bidding in any silent auction..  Mary from Chicago wanted to win a tee shirt.  She ended up winning every one she bid on, with only one bid each.  Remember, the silent auction is a fundraiser for the color  ink cartridges needed to print our outstanding fan magazine.  The latest issue cost $1,284.94 for that ink, $476.91 for postage, $122.58 for paper, $76.48 for large envelopes and labels, $64.70 for binding for a total of $2,025.61.  We are having to drop one issue this year, going to three issues a year.  All contributions for the ink fund will be gratefully acknowledged in the magazine.

Phil Zeigler and Colette, both Hoosiers.  Lenny made this shirt for Colette.

I like this pensive portrait of Mary Emmerick.

Linda Levine in her jaunty hat; Colette with her beau, Mark Kinnaman.  Mark works at Daddy-O’s.  (Link below.) Lenny shirt on Mark is new.

Here’s Joe Schulte with a picture of himself when Joe was 17.  He and his brothers have been complete fans since before 9-30-55 (the day Jimmy died.)  There is a tribute to Joe’s brother, Edward, on this site.  (Link below)

Phil amused Sandra and the rest of the crowd with a rousing reading of a poem that Adeline Nall (Jimmy’s speech and drama teacher in Fairmount High School) liked to quote.  I’ll get the name of it for you.  Maybe we’ll all recite it together next year! It’s rollicking!

Sesu Coleman, once a star in The Magic Tramps, (link below) in the dusky twilight as we left Ryan’s Steak House in Marion, Indiana.  He is standing by Mark Kinnaman’s 1950 retro Chevy.

Because of the dangerous heat index, I wasn’t able to go to the picnic on Sunday. Instead of picnic pictures, I will post a few photos of Lenny’s 7-room giftshop. It’s in an old Victorian historic house.  Also due to appear here sometime, photos of most of the items donated for the “silent auction.”

Page one of this event is  the Jeopardy-style James Dean Trivia Contest

Here’s the home page of Pamela DesBarres

Sesu Coleman’s Magic Tramps site is awesome.
Lenny shirts at his Retro store, Rebel Rebel

David Loehr‘s huge Deanabilia auction in Dallas, October 6 and 7.
Daddy-O‘s website is wildly popular.

Memorial to Edward Scholte

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