People Influenced By James Dean

People Influenced By James Dean

PERSONALITIES who influenced James Dean
Adeline Nall and, sadly, her funeral
Rock Lasso Celebrity Bob Hinkle Gurney Mattingly
How to find Jimmy’s mother’s grave in Marion, Indiana
PERSONALITIES Influenced by James Dean
Pam Crawford and Sue Mohamed-Pelletier run the James Dean Fan Club DAVID and LENNY, who made me famous! Neil Douglas paints James Dean
Photos of
Kenneth Kendall himself
Kenneth Kendall paintings Anthony Michael Hall
R R Rees writes on Marfa Lights and on James Dean Memorial for Ed Schulte Read Phil Ziegler‘s Fifties Poem
Dr. Barbara Beall   and
More Dr. Beall  !!!!!!
Jake Roth’s Lion Clubenameled pins, James Dean themed Links to 1950s people and cars page is being greatly revised, ready in 1-2008
Kris Frailey reviews Val Holley’s book, James Dean, the Biography (more to come, lots more) Mark Kinnaman is now only on MySpace, and on our Nightwalk pages

image Poetry and Lyrics by Charles Barnes  image

Dust and Clay The Romance of Rebellion Lyrics for East of Eden

Naturally, in this section I include people I know or know about, and have missed lots of fine people I don’t know.  Guess I should include myself in this section!

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