James Dean: It Happened in Fairmount, Indiana

James Dean: It Happened in Fairmount, Indiana

“It Happened In Fairmount” Dean Pages
David Loehr’s beautiful art deco James Dean Gallery The 2001 James Dean Birthday Party The year 2000 James Dean Birthday Party
James Dean’s Cemetery and recovered tombstone H. Cocks’ play James Dean – The Boy From Fairmount is set in Fairmount, mostly. A stunningly good play! 1999 Dean Birthday Celebration and the
’98 Birthday Dance
Unveiling Fairmount’s James Dean Stamp Dean information

The 2001 Night Walk

Nightwalk 1997

Nightwalk 1999

Cleve Porter on the 1995 Dedication of the James Dean Memorial Park in Fairmount Mark Kinnaman gives guided tours in Fairmount, at night!  Great fun.

Late Night at the American Legion in Fairmount, Indiana

The Legend Diner
is now (2008) the Quaker Inn

I put up the 2002 JD Festival parade, the only year I snapped it. FIVE pages!

Phil Zeigler gives Day Walk tours in Fairmount, Indiana.  He is Marcus Winslow’s aide-de-camp.

Jake Roth’s Lion Club enameled pins, James Dean themed The California Corporation’s Marion, Indiana June 2005 DeanFest had nothing at all to do with the September Festival in Fairmount.  Really, no connection (but I made some pictures anyway.) The lawsuits are all settled now. A guide to the awesome antiques stores in Fairmount
Saving Fairmount High School pizza party 1998
also Nightwalk 1998
In Fairmount Today
(cute but outdated)

The 2002 Night Walk never got published here. I must have had something bad befall me that fall. Half the festival pages did not get written. I think I gave all my old digital photos to Lenny for his archives. This is the perfect time for that old saw, “You oughtta been there!  It was so fabulous. There will never be another like it.”  But who is to say! Next year may be the best ever.  Any Night Walk your personally attend will be the best ever, for you.

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