James Dean juniors’ lookalike contest 2002

James Dean juniors’ lookalike contest 2002

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The 2002 Younger Generation
James Dean Lookalike Contest

Many thanks to Eric Draper and the Bopper for giving me the names this year!

86 Daryen Crothers. 112 Alex Thompson. 95 Andrew James Aldrich
Also on stage were 96, Daniel LaDage, age 6, (I guess in red and white checked shirt);
#110, T.J. Breese, age 3  in shades; notify editor at editor@tentativetimes.net
if you can correct me. 

                                            T.J. Breese gives a thumbs-up to his fans.


     86 Daryen Carothers

Trai Pelletier, age 7,  in red coat                        Alex Thompson, age 9, in black
Daniel LaDage in red and white.

87 Christian Dean Aldrich                        Daryen age 3 in middle

95 Andrew James Aldrich beside TJ     87 Christian Dean Aldrich with Daniel

   Daryen                                             111 Winner Trai Pelletier, 112 Alex Thompson

 Trai, age 7.
You have seldom seen such poise and showmanship in a group of strangers to each other, and in front of thousands of cheering adults. There should surely be a video of this event. If you have one, please send information on how we can buy a copy to editor@tentativetimes.net as soon as possible. We don’t ask for perfection!  Yes, yours is good enough. 

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