James Dean Jeopardy-style Contest, 2005, page 1

James Dean Jeopardy-style Contest, 2005, page 1

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2005 James Dean Fan Appreciation Weekend Jeopardy-style Trivia Contest


No money changes hands in our game.  The winner does get a gift certificate to the Gift Shop at the James Dean Memorial Gallery and Museum where the contest was held this year.

Mary and Bill Lesniewski, sitting behind Joe Schulte and Linda LeVine, drove all the way from Chicago for the contest and had to drive back there as soon as it was over.  Were there ever more devoted fans?  (Well, there is Naomi Yamada….. but this isn’t a contest for head fan! And David Loehr who owns the Gallery.  And those fans who named their children Dean, Deana, Jamie, J.B., J.D., etc.  We missed you, Pamela DesBarres!)

image David Loehr with two visitors from Michigan.  Or maybe her name is Michelle and they are from “somewhere else.”  Or maybe they have moved to Fairmount like so many other fans!

image Two charming visitors from far away.

image and watch out for that final answer, which this year asked where Dean spent September 29, 1954.  When Kip Brown’s book, James Dean Day By Day comes out, that won’t be so hard to learn!
Categories for the first round included the Rebel Wardrobe; James Dean on TV; Movie Sets and Locations; Stage and Screen Roles; Rock and Roll related to James Dean.

The second round of questions had categories of Authors; James Dean on the Internet; Wannabees; Photographers where you had to name the photographer who took each Dean picture; and Scrambled Letters to unscramble into a James Dean friend’s name or a location.

The questions were astounding, and that they were answered was more astounding.  The score before final jeopardy was Linda Levine, 1800, George 200, and Jesse Dillinger 18,200 points.  Jesse risked 2,000 points and won the final question and the gift certificate.  George bet it all and lost, and Linda went down only 100, to 1,700 points.  Please note that George and Linda knew a lot of the answers but Jesse just rang in faster.  The buzzers are made by the Schulte brothers, just for this game. 

Rumor has it that next year, the 75th anniversary of James Dean’s birth, we will be having the regular annual Jeopardy style game again, but we will also have a tournament of champions,

Pitting Jesse Dillinger, Del Ray, Mark Kinnaman and Christie Pulley Berry should make the game worthy of national TV coverage.  Maybe Alex Trebec will want to come!

imageDid you recognize Don Davis of the famous scrapbooks, sitting beside Teresita Gonzales?


image Renowned fans Maxine Rowland (Ohio) and Joe Schulte (Michigan)  catch up on what they have been doing since the February birthday party.

  image Eliza from Kalamazoo has these sparkly shirts made.  This one says “Mrs. Dean.”  At the June DeanFest, she had one that said “Jimmy’s Girl” and “130.”  I didn’t get many names, but her friend is from Michigan too.

image Mary Ann O’Malley (Illinois) had the best shirt of the day!

image  Lenny, not wearing a Lenny Shirt, with first timer Ray Vinci (Cleveland, Ohio.)  Yes, he is the nephew of Charley Vinci, the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, America’s most successful weight lifter.  He also brought a book new to all of us,
image  something new for Dean collections.  Ray found this Australian book at one of those traveling huge book fairs of new books.  He presented his copy to Jennifer A. Wells, new reporter at the Marion Chronicle-Tribune. We discussed the book and agreed it is R-rated but well done.  We await Jennifer’s review of it.  


Carol Thiele from Ohio with President Pam (Arkansas.) 

As I say each year, we take our James Dean trivia very seriously.  Everyone takes a 20 question preliminary test. We have 90 seconds to answer all 20 questions.  Some are really obscure, so we can weed out the non-experts.  This year’s weeding produced Jesse Dillinger, Linda LeVine and a Buckeye (a visitor from Ohio) named George.  George said he had studied for two solid weeks for this test.   

image See more photos from Saturday at the Gallery, on page two.


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Eliza’s shirt can be bought from  places like http://www.classybride.com/bridal_party_t-shirts.htm  and http://www.advantagebridal.com/tatoandca.html

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