James Dean Fans, June 3, 2005. DeanFest, Marion Indiana, page 1

James Dean Fans, June 3, 2005. DeanFest, Marion Indiana, page 1

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Fans at Deanfest 6-2005, page 2 — at the Airport



  These vintage outfits shown at the airport are available in Marion, Indiana at the Artisans’ Gallery on the Courthouse Square. 

image Sue is Vice President of the fan club. She and Pam work their hearts out year-round.  Sue’s son Adam Pelletier just joined the Army.  We Deaners have all watched him grow up on their many trips to Fairmount from Illinois. Adam, we send you our love.

The Marion Chronicle was extremely helpful in publicizing the DeanFest and the follow-up news and reactions.  Here’s the special edition they publish on Dean event weekends.  They had a hospitality booth at the airport.  Nice folks!

image  image Here’s the latest Jimmy tee from the Fairmount Historical Museum,  on Phil Zeigler.

All ages loved the Fifth Dimension concert.  And check out the dimensions of this main stage!  Awesome! 

image  Do you remember the Crosley?  It was made here in Marion, Indiana.  This original, on display at the Deanfest,  belongs to the Marion Public Library.  Stop in at the library, visit the car and read all about its history.  Every library should strive to have such an historic artifact to draw people inside.

image In downtown Marion, you can buy all sorts of leather items as well as this authentic Rebel Without A Cause-styled jacket at the leather shop just off the Courthouse Square on Washington St. (Find my notes for name of store….)

image  It was pleasant that we had no lines to wait in for food, pleasant for the fans, less pleasant for the vendors.  These cheerful vendors kept their spirits up with snowcones.  Rumor had it that each vendor had to have a one million dollar insurance policy before setting up.  This wild rumor has not been confirmed. 

image When anyone visits Indiana, their favorite taste treat is a breaded pork tenderloin with lettuce, tomato, mayo and sometimes catsup.  I don’t know if they have them in Texas, but they are Texas sized, sometimes even served with two buns on one tenderloin.  I have to stop writing about this, as it is late and the restaurants are closed here.



Link to pictures of David Loehr’s James Dean Gallery and Museum:

Link to the Fan Club:  James Dean Remembered fan club, www.tentativetimes.net/jdr/

Bob Reese has a website at http://web.lconn.com/mysterease/

From the Fairmount High School Class of a long time ago, deaners.net brings you the spiffiest dancers to grace our Fairmount Bank parking lot contest site.  See the dance contest for 2003

The Marion, Indiana newspaper is on-line at http://www.chronicle-tribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage

Fairmount Historical Museum website is www.jamesdeanartifacts.com 

image  Free, 30,000 people and 1500 cars…See you there!  It’s free, it’s annual, there is no charge for the movies or to enter the area or whatever.  Only fee is if you enter your car in the car show.  Free for all contestants in dance contest and lookalike contests.  Gratis.  Experienced festival providers with enormous experience giving their all to the fans.  Free.   Come to Fairmount, Indiana  for The Real Thing.  It’s free.

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