James Dean Fan Appreciation Weekend Speeches, 2005

James Dean Fan Appreciation Weekend Speeches, 2005

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2005 James Dean Fan
Appreciation Weekend
After-Dinner Speeches

image Joe Schulte’s James Dean collection is on display at a new library in Detroit.  This ought to bring us new fan club members and visitors!  Thank you, Joe, for doing this.  Fans, does a library near you need a fresh display?  It can’t hurt to ask. 

image In a sad moment, we remembered our friend, Joe’s brother Ed, who passed.  Then Joe had more photos for us, this time of his granddaughter and a second new granddaughter from China.  Beautiful, charming, adorable, and that’s the least of the adjectives!  We celebrate your happiness, Schultes!

image Thank you, Mr. Winslow, for all you do for the fans and the fan club.  Long may you reign as the keeper of the flame of James Dean’s legend.
President Pam Crawford made a heartfelt speech appreciating the Winslows.

image Adam, sorry I didn’t get to visit with you.  This is a new Adam.  Our “old” Adam, Adam Pelletier, was away at basic training.  Hail to the new Adam!

We had to return to the Gallery after dinner, for there was a wedding reception in the same loft where our party was seated.  We couldn’t have heard our speakers.  It turned out to be very important to hear, as Mr. Winslow played a CD of a tape Jimmy made on his last trip home.  Any other tapes are missing, and the family would sure like to borrow them from anyone who acquired one.  Experts can pull meaning out of the squawks and scratches.
Kim is in the back row.

image  This was a sad moment when Marcus played a recording Jimmy made on his last trip home.  Jimmy was interviewing his grandfather about even older ancestors.  We learned that there was a Dean gift of gab going back many generations, showing up as auctioneering talent.  Even Markie, as a kid, was on the tapes.

image Mark Kinnaman took this portrait of Maxine Rowland with Mark Winslow.

image Sorry, Kim, but this picture blurred.  Kim works at the Gallery and goes to college.  She’s a ray of sunshine.

imageTo the car show


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