Guests at the James Dean Memorial Service, 9-30-2004, Fairmount

Guests at the James Dean Memorial Service, 9-30-2004, Fairmount

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James Dean Memorial Service,
photos of guests, page 1
September 30, 2004
 Fairmount, Indiana

Now for some faces of the loyal fans and the new ones.  Everybody probably talked with everybody else.  No one should sit at a table alone, singles or couples.  Visit, visit, visit and eat brunch.  Maybe I can add names after I get all the pages completed.
Don’t you hate those reunions when they try to find the eldest and newest folks in the crowd.  We would never do that.  I’m guessing here, and Mrs. Carter gave me permission to take her photo this year.  We should all look so good! 

image Tom Berghuis with Back Creek Friends minister Linda Cabe.

Sue (in red) was able to stay over for the memorial this year!  The man with 4 cameras came from Kalamazoo, Michigan. 
 image  image 
These two multitalented women were just downsized from their jobs with the state of Indiana.  If you know them, send them employment opportunities.  Or chocolate.

image  image


image           image  image Albert (in blue) from Bat-Yam, Israel.
 image  image
Endless fresh delectable brunch.  We are so lucky that the women of Back Creek Friends Meeting are so hospitable.  Remember to make a contribution as you leave the service, if you can.  There will be a plate on the table near the door.  You could even grab a dozen Krispy Kreams on your way down the highway to this event.  Seems like some of us fans could pitch in! (With cheers for the ones who already always do.  I’m not there afterward to see.)

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A second page of guest photos is ready at this link
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