The 2004 James Dean Memorial Service overview

The 2004 James Dean Memorial Service overview

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James Dean Memorial Service
September 30, 2004
Fairmount, Indiana

At Brunch at Back Creek Friends Meeting House

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This page is an overview.

From all over the world, fans of James Dean meet annually on September 30th at Back Creek Friends Meeting House just outside Fairmount, Indiana.  The church prepares a wondrous, endless brunch.  Then we enter the main sanctuary where various people speak about their memories of Jimmy and of those who knew him. 

After the service, some drive to Park Cemetery but most people follow Nicky Bazooka’s motorcycle on foot.  As we gather at the gravesite, more people speak from their hearts, read poetry or play an instrument. 


We sing and then we wander off, some to go home, some to regather in the evening for dinner (we figure out a place each year)  and the Fairmount nightwalk after dinner, led by Mark Kinnaman. 

  Ann Warr brightened the occasion with her beautiful outfit and smile.  She rode in the parade the previous Saturday with fan club president Pamela Crawford, who had to be back in Little Rock on September 30th this year.

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