David Loehr’s Sunday Dinner Theatre

David Loehr’s Sunday Dinner Theatre

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David Loehr’s Dinner Theatre

Toni and fan
James Dean’s friend, jazz singer Toni Lee Scott, with a devoted Deaner fan from New Hampshire.

Every September 30th there is a special something at night after the James Dean Memorial Service. This year David hosted a chicken and noodle supper at the Lions Club in Fairmount, Indiana. Everyone visited for a good while. The food was perfect, and we all thank the “ladies in the kitchen,” who are all in the Eastern Star together. Ladies, take a bow!

Eastern Star members

For many of us, we experienced our first Table Reading, where various people seated at a table read excerpts from a screenplay. This screenplay is tentatively titled “Blessing In Disguise”. It was written by Pamela DesBarres based on Toni Lee Scott’s 18 month friendship with James Dean. We were transfixed. It isn’t my place to tell you the facts, but James Dean befriended Toni when she was at a very difficult time in her life, and he gave her the emotional support he had learned from Liz Sheridan and from Christine White and from his upbringing. You will be very proud of Jimmy when you learn Toni’s life story. The readers included Kitt from Canada, Heath Schactele, Jim Byron and writer Pamela Des Barres, with explanations from Toni Lee Scott.

Kitt   Kitt

Heath, Jim   Heath in black, and Jim Byron in the yellow shirt.

Pamela, Toni, Kip   Pamela Des Barres with Toni Lee Scott and Kip Brown, in a photo taken at the Meeting House in better light…. Miss Pamela’s website address is http://www.electricgypsy.com/pamela/
and Toni Lee Scott’s website address is www.tonileescott.com

David and Phil

Our host, David Loehr in a shirt by Lenny, with Phil Jones of CBS News.

Fans galore at the table reading:
Dean fans


muralist Muralist George Schoen of Michigan is being sponsored by Tony and Jon Tucker, of the Fairmount Antique Mall, to paint a Dean mural on the wall across from the onion-dome bank downtown. I look forward to bringing you a photo of it soon! He has painted all over the U.S. and Mexico, and has enjoyed Fairmount a lot. The Marion Chronicle did a story on George that was picked up all over the country!
Tony and Jon Tucker’s Mall is adjacent to the stage set up on Main Street for the lookalike contest. Watch for a new page about their mall!


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