James Dean Festival, Fairmount IN, September 2000

James Dean Festival, Fairmount IN, September 2000

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Highlights of the 2000 James Dean Festival

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CBS aired their film of the 2000 James Dean Festival with parade Grand Marshall Phil Jones on Sunday morning, October 17. You can read the text on this CBS webpage

photog and sound man
Armando Cantu filmed the events while his soundman, Steve Azzato captured the sound. The sound man for the Memorial Service was Stan Nazimec. (According to my husband’s handwriting.) Thank these CBS employees for filming all weekend. It’s a gruelling job to haul around all that equipment and still find the right camera angles and subjects. You must have to train like an athlete and stretch like contortionists. And they missed the Olympics for James Dean.

Phil Jones
Here you see Phil Jones and fan club president Magdalin Leonardo during the lookalike contest judging. Phil is a Fairmount native too, and reminded me that there is a fourth Fairmount celebrity now, (besides Jim Davis,) Bob Sheets of the National Hurricaine Center is Fairmount High Class of ’55. Thank you, Parade Grand Marshall Phil Jones!


The festival this year was a blockbuster, with celebrities and fans galore. Since this is Deaners e-zine, I covered only the Dean events and the Cluster Buster’s car show this year. As each page comes on line, you will find the link here, so bookmark this page. Coming soon:

Lyndon Biegas

Lyndon Biegas from Shelbyville, Tennessee, won the Junior Lookalike Contest. For the past four years, he competed in the adult contest. This was his year. The rest of the contestants are on site here now! Click on this underlined link: The junior lookalike contest

Mark Gruetzman   Mark

Joe Schulte   Joe

This year’s lookalike winner is Mark Gruetzman from Minnesota, who won last year. I’ll add his URL when I find it. But this year there was a tie, and the audience had to decide the winner, by applause. The runner-up is Joe Schulte of Tennessee, as Jett Rink.

Anthony Michael Hall and fans

Anthony Michael Hall in person, all weekend, always cheerful and accomodating, breaking every stereotype of the Hollywood star. Perfection in manners, temperament and taste in movie stars to admire. Thank you, Mr. Hall, for coming to Fairmount, and for narrating the new movie, James Dean American Legend

dance contest winners
Dance contest winners. More photos in October.

Bob Hinkle and me
Here I am with Bob Hinkle at the Rock Lasso Contest. I’d like to thank my husband William for taking this picture, but….

Up this page goes so you won’t think I’ve lost my film. The pages will be a bit slower this year, since our granddaughter has her first birthday in early October, so keep checking back
The next page I plan to do is Toni Lee Scott’s 18 months with James Dean, screenplay by Pamela Des Barres. For now, keep the memories alive.

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