Celebrities at DeanFest, Marion IN, 6-3-2005

Celebrities at DeanFest, Marion IN, 6-3-2005

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Celebrities Seen
at the Marion Airport June 3, 2005


Writer Pamela DesBarres with writer Kip Brown, both from Los Angeles.  Both intense Dean fans. Google them! Kip’s book, James Dean, Day By Day, will be published soon.  Contact Kip at _____________

Artist Jin G. Kam from Arcadia, California.  His email is JINKAM@AOL.com

The delightful George Perry, author of the new James Dean biography, James Dean, for sale at the James Dean Gallery and elsewhere.  I forgot the British are formal, so I hope Mr. Perry will forgive my treating him like a long-lost cousin.   

image  Earl Holliman was a gracious celebrity guest.  Phil Zeigler brought a 45 rpm record of the first song Mr. Holliman recorded, and he autographed it.  Jane Withers was alongside Earl, but she and I were both too short for me to get a photo.  There couldn’t have been two more friendly and delightful celebrities than these two gems. 

image I bought a poster of this brilliant 3-D collage (originally a 3-D limited edition fine art silkscreen serigraph of James Dean images. It’s unique, something you will definitely want in your collection, in the original if you can.  Otherwise get the poster.  I was unable to find the artist, but his representative, Carol Ritz,  gave David Loehr a 3-D Dean creation for the Gallery.  You can find out more at www.fazzino.com, Carol Ritz, email dddgallery@aol.com in Santa Barbara CA.  Phone 805.730.9109 and fax 805.730.9147.  Fazzino makes his 3-D collages with other subjects too.

image  Another book to be on the alert for is JAMES DEAN: At Speed   by Lee Raskin.  The book shows a collection of photographs and stories relevant to the 50th anniversary of James Dean’s Death.  It will be out in September, we all hope.  Lee is quite an expert on the California tragedy and the book will be treasured by Deaners.

image Frank Mazzola’s darling family suffered from the heat/humidity and took refuge in the Art Deco, air-conditioned building,  David Loehr’s James Dean Gallery.

Ready to cut the ribbon at DeanFest.

image Phil Zeigler with Frank Mazzola.

 image  Lookalike winner Brian Burke and Frank Mazzola

image  David Loehr, creator of the James Dean Memorial Gallery and Museum.

image  I was told that this is Dennis Stock, posing with our own David Loehr, creator of the James Dean Memorial Gallery and Museum.  Mr. Stock is the very famous Dean photographer whose photographs of James Dean consume our lives. His new book of Dean photographs is out this year.  Did you see his show at Proud Galleries in London? 

image  At the airport, We weren’t steamy all the time, since there was a breeze to save us. But look at this picture of Florence LaRue. There’s a contented hawk sailing on a thermal over her shoulder.  She was in the audience choosing fans to come up on stage. See the Fifth Dimension picture page here.



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