Winchester Gun Show in Bluffton Indiana

Winchester Gun Show in Bluffton Indiana

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Dale Krinn’s Fabulous

Winchester Gun Collection

This show, never to be repeated, was a fund raiser for the new Bluffton Indiana Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Krinn showed not only his complete collection of Winchesters but also his Civil War, Native American and miscellaneous weapons collections. It filled the large Indiana National Guard Armory at Spring and Wayne streets.

Unfortunately, the show conflicted with the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, a benefit concert for Lydia Murray who needs a liver, and the Memorial Day lake activity. Attendance was curtailed by the timing, so if you missed it, here are some of the photos Otto took.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Krinn’s big effort raised over $2,500 for the Wells Community Boys & Girls Club.

Otto doesn’t know a carbine from a Ruger, so don’t put much store in the captions. All errors cheerfully claimed without blushing, by the pagemaker. Send corrections to her, Sandra Weinhardt, email

Can you name this man? He made weapons for the Mormons when they left Navoo, Illinois. He held so many patents he became an institution. His life would make a fascinating school report. Find out all you can about Mr. Browning.

You have heard of the Browning machine gun. Another gun in the collection is the only legal machine gun made by Winchester, fireable. This makes Dale’s collection unique because there is no other legally fireable model of that machine gun anywhere. (Otto probably got that wrong….)

Every single gun in the show was intriguing. Maybe Mr. Krinn will work with me to make captions for these, or the readers will send in facts for Otto to add.

This is the only Mahlon Paxson gun that Dale Krinn owns. Mahlon Paxson was Krinn’s great grandfather. He had his own gun museum in the building that became, most recently, Salty and Flossie Coulter’s house at Bennet and Wabash Streets.

Although Mr. Paxson left his house and gun museum with instructions that it be maintained as a museum for 20 years after his death, the will was overturned, the guns were all sold at an auction in 1921 and few traces of the collection remain. Mr. Krinn had a very interesting display about Mahlon Paxson.

Otto asked if this gun fired through the cane or if you pull it out from the cane, and you do pull it out. Otto never cares if a question is abysmally stupid. Otto asks anyway; it’s the only way to learn.

How did all this get started? Mrs. Krinn (Sally) loved to go to auctions. On a whim, she bought her husband three antique guns as a Christmas gift. He had owned guns before then, but they were all modern guns. Soon she thought she had made a terrible mistake, for the bug bit Dale and off he went. He became so well-known in gun-auction circles and among dealers that they never minded waiting for him to send a check. (‘Cause sometimes you just don’t know how carried away you will get at an auction, so you don’t bring **all** your money.)

Does she still regret giving those first three guns to her husband? Not any more!!

How about a look at a couple of Winchester Pocketknives

This poster was made before 1902. It shows Winchester cartridges. Well, of course, the Krinn Collection is loaded with cartridges!! Let’s go look at the Cartridge Page

Here’s a page showing part of the oldest gun in Krinn’s collection.

The Krinn collection includes many items made by Winchester that weren’t even guns. Ice skates, flashlights, knives, cooking implements, radio batteries, vacuum bottles…. Click on this link to see the cover of their 1927 catalog

Here’s that page for pocket knivesagain, in case you skipped it above.

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