The Y2K James Dean Lookalike Contest, page 1

The Y2K James Dean Lookalike Contest, page 1

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2000 James Dean Lookalike Contest, page one

The 2000 winner of the James Dean lookalike contest

is Mark Gruetzman from Minnesota.

You will need to scroll down ’til your fingers cramp, to see all the pictures on this page. Please enjoy your visit!



This year’s lookalike winner is Mark Gruetzman of Minnesota, who won last year. I’ll add his URL when I find it. But this year there was a tie, and the audience had to decide the winner, by applause. The runner-up is Joe Schulte of Tennessee, as Jett Rink. Joe’s home movie (on VHS) is for sale , the movie he made in the fifties, a fascinating rendition of Rebel Without a Cause. Buy it from the James Dean Gallery

Remember, this contest is for fun. If you don’t win, please just enjoy the memories and the competition. Next year may be your turn!

The smoke machine meant most of my early pictures were ruined. I expect having the contestants appear out of the smoke was a treat for the fans, of which there were billions and billions again this year.

Contestant Scott Purdy has developed a whole line of James Dean clothing which you can purchase at his web site. The address is

Eric Draper, (phone 1-765-998-0902) the stage manager, and his son.

The Bopper emceed the dance contest and the two lookalike contests, as well as all the other work he does. His beautiful bride organized everyone backstage while belowstage, the judges pondered.


The woman on the right is Chris Haynes of Washington State. She photographed the weekend for the newsletter of James Dean Remembered. She and her sister drove all the way to the Festival and then back again. She is a very dedicated Deaner.

I’m not sure if Rob Qualls was a judge or not. He didn’t enter the contest this year but he did come for the weekend.

CBS filming James Dean Remembered fan club president Magdalin Leonardo and Jim Grindle who was a Dean classmate. He won in the dance contest too. He’s President of the Historical Museum or Historical Society too. Thanks to Jon Tucker of Fairmount Antique Mall for reminding me that I know Jim Grindle perfectly well, and have known for years…. If only I didn’t have to make these pages instead of sleeping, I would remember names.

Judge Larry Ledgerwood won the Lookalike contest in 6 different years. That must be a record.

Sally Most and Magdalin Leonardo, both judges in the lookalike contest.

Judge Bob Pulley looked wonderful in spite of his lung surgery. He says he feels good and has no sign of his lung problem. Way to go, Bob!

Another judge Bob, Bob Hinkle from Texas has news for you on the rock lasso page, (not made yet.) It involves a new rock lasso trophy he will start giving next year. Here he is on stage with the CBS cameraman, Armando Cantu.

Judge Phil Jones, on the right, with an executive from Tintype Productions which brings us the new film, James Dean, American Legend.


As you can see, my camera is unequal to the task of crowd shots at night.

Anthony Michael Hall posed with quite a few fans after the Lookalike contest. My apologies for not being able to correct red-eye very well. Advice is welcome.

Fans, Texas Bob Hinkle, Bob Pulley.

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