The Liver and Onions Club

The Liver and Onions Club

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The Liver and Onions Club

A Tale With Six Morals

Down in Evansville, Indiana, on the Ohio River, sits a bookstore that used to have too few customers. Ann Michael had a wonderful bookstore, the Ann Michael Bookstore, but where were the patrons? While she had time on her hands, Ann rounded up some friends who love liver and onions as much as she does. They began going to a different restaurant once a month to try the liver and onions. Word got out, a newspaper article drew more liver lovers, and the club is quite a success. Meanwhile, something inspired Ann to change the name of her store to A.A. Michael Books. From that time on, she has had great customer traffic. The moral of this story is — (choose one)

1. Liver is more popular than books?

2. Names can make or break you?

3. Good things come out of fallow time?

4. Why didn’t I think of that!

5. All of the above.

6. Insert your own moral here.

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