The Legend (now The Quaker Inn) the diner in Fairmount Indiana

The Legend (now The Quaker Inn) the diner in Fairmount Indiana

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The Quaker Inn

The Legend Diner has been sold to the Pope family of Texas, die-hard Dean fans. Please welcome them to Fairmount!

Here are pictures from the September 1999 grand opening.

Here’s part of the front dining room. There is a huge second dining room in back. They could host meetings like Lions there. Probably even a wedding reception. Deaners, take note!

     Erika is a busy server. You know her from the James Dean Memorial Gallery, where she used to work. Here she’s doing the hand jive with Kurt Whirl of Orlando, Florida.

    I think this full-time server is Trevor, a student at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. He and Erika kept their cool during the incredible madhouse of the Fairmount Museum Days September festival. What a baptism of fire it was to open that weekend. First they ran out of food twice, the first day, and had to buy another freezer that Friday. Then a pipe burst, making them late to open on Saturday. In spite of it all, we all thought the food was fine, just the way we like it. Black Angus steakburgers, the famous Indiana treat of breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, malts and milkshakes, french fries, everything was yummy.

By Thursday night, we were able to keep The Legend open late for our farewell dinner after the Memorial Service. Lady was so happy that we were leaving, she sang us a song. You’ll never hear a better blues belter in your lifetime. But don’t tell, because we don’t want her to leave us for Broadway or Hollywood. This woman can sing the notes right off the sheetmusic.

Ok, that’s it for now, Deaners. I have lots of photos of Legend decorations to add, eventually. I’ll take more photos for you at the grand opening. Hope to see you in the Legend each time you are in Fairmount.

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