The Junior James Dean Lookalike Contest, Sept. 2000

The Junior James Dean Lookalike Contest, Sept. 2000

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The first Junior Lookalike Contest

The 2000 James Dean festival in Fairmount Indiana, formally called Fairmount Museum Days, added several new events this year. The cutest was definitely the James Dean lookalike contest for children 12 and younger. See for yourself, in these photos. Sorry to make you scroll and scroll….

This heart-stealer waved to the crowd, clapped when they did, and generally stole every heart. He is only 23 months old. His mom had to hold on to him to keep him from diving into the crowd.

See, CBS really did film this enchanting spectacle.


These two look like a set of brothers.

CORRECTION: This adorable child with great stage presence, Jacob Aaron, came all the way from from Burgoon, Ohio in his papa’s 51′ Merc. This is from his proud mother, Tina Aaron!

This contestant is not, after all, part of rock lasso empress Misty Mars family.


I had no one to write the names down for me, but I know these two brothers are Lyndon and Colin Biegas from Shelbyville, Tennessee.


Brothers for sure!

Scott Purdy’s son was a finalist. Read all about Scott’s tee shirts on a page coming very soon.

If I remember right, this contestant is from Fairmount, Indiana!

Thank you to all of the children and their parents for participating in this year’s historic contest. Y’all come back, you hear? It wouldn’t be any fun without you. Bring earplugs for sound-sensitive children, ’cause The Bopper has to be heard all the way across Main Street.

After competing for 4 years against the adults, Lyndon Biegas of Shelbyville, Tennessee, won the first Junior Lookalike Contest in the history of Fairmount, Indiana. Way to go, Lyndon!

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