The Bel Airs play at the Waynedale Amvets

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The Bel Airs at the Amvets

Twist Contest Winners

Ellie Henderson

and Doug Boren

won "Best Costumes"

The Bel Airs at the Amvets in Waynedale! This was the kind of dance all dances should be! April 18, 1997 should go down in history as the ultimate party night. Linda Becker had a terrific 50s outfit with pedal pushers, a Pink Ladies jacket and all the verve you could hope for. Here she shares a laugh with Jake Bel Air.

   A man in the audience told me to get more action shots; Janice Nunn advised me to get more action shots, so I tried to get more action shots. This meant getting in the way of the dancers. Otto apolgizes for that.

   This man had his birthday during the Amvets’ Rockin 50s Sock Hop.

See more of Jake below.

John Bel Air handles the lights and sound, plays accordion on some songs and sings back-up vocals from his work station. Whew! What a worker! That’s like patting your head while rubbing your stomach.

This photo of John was taken in darkness with a Sony Mavica. Nice camera, nice man.

It was great to visit with Jennifer, drummer Brad Bel Air’s friend, during breaks in the show. She’s fun to talk to; she has a wide variety of interests including cats. Here she and Brad stand in front of an Amvets members’ snapshot collage.

Here are two good snaps of Jake Bel Air. Our digital camera is amazing when it works, not so great when I shoot under black light, as you saw on the Twistin’ Tarantulas page. (Note to self, buy ultraviolet camera filter.) Jake sang many of the leads and played every song. Music is hard work.

Who baked those banana-walnut cookies for the audience? Ace fan Janice Nunn, that’s who. Thanks, Janice, seen here with friend Frank Wideman. Janice makes every Bel Airs show she possibly can, and this is the lady who had the band play at her birthday party. Did you see her tattoo of the Buddy Holly portrait on Joe Bel Air’s late lamented bass?

Okay, boys and girls, who can tell us why this is an historic photograph? It’s your first look at Dart Davis without his mohawk! Yes, he cropped his top to please his employers. It isn’t a sell-out! He got a nice promotion for his pains. And now Destination Detox (playing at the Sportsman on Saturday April 24th) will have only one head rooster. Wait to see the Destination Detox photo page that is soon to be born…. Dart said the band has an upcoming all ages show at Sunset Hall.

Laura was a knockout in her black vamp dress and platinum hair. They had a great weekend in Dayton with C.O.H. after their last Sportsman appearance. Looks like Destination Detox finally has it all together after someone made off with their equipment. They’re back in action.

Should we keep it a secret that Dart and Laura just bought a house eligible for the National Historic Register? They are restoring it. Laura’s 140 pound puppy enjoys the space.

Dart caused a few raised eyebrows when he made his grand entrance, but the crowd soon came to know he wasn’t a threat. The entire room seemed to meld together. We had our 50’s people, our leathers, our ZZ Tops, our square dancers, our western wearers, our collegiate weekend sportsmen, and a man with a beer can glued to his head, and everyone had the time of their lives. The entire mob was served by one single waitress and two bartenders. That was amazing!! No problem!

See this Jason Hart tattoo on Rick May and the James Dean portrait done by Donny Manco. By the way, Donny says I can’t start a page on him until he opens a studio. I can’t wait!

Down on the dance floor, Joe shows us why he’s the baddest bass player in Waynedale. The mystery is solved as to why this band hasn’t toured the whole US and Europe. Joe says they have day jobs, and they intend to stay local. That doesn’t mean they won’t record, does it, Joe?

Watch your newspaper and your Whatz Up for the Saturday Night open dances at the Waynedale Amvets. These are genuine homefolks, and you will love them.

And then everybody danced naked. Whoa — Joe Bel Air wrote that in my notes! Nah, never happened. What happened was that every chair had an ashtray, and the smoke level was pretty bad. The ceiling fans worked hard, but I didn’t see an air-handling system. If you can’t handle smoke, you can’t handle this venue. (I still have a headache Sunday afternoon, and I don’t drink.) Also there was popcorn but the kitchen was closed by the time I arrived, about 9:15. So eat early, or phone to find out if there will be any kitchen service.

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The Bel Airs are who started The Blue Moon Boys on their course to glory, and both bands helped set up The Red Ball Jets. All honor is due The Bel Airs!! You will be a fan for life once you spend a night with them.

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