Slain Law Enforcement Officers Need a Stamp

Slain Law Enforcement Officers Need a Stamp

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Dan at Hike Stalk Shoot sent this important email on to us. There needs to be a great demand for a new stamp to be issued. Let’s finally get a U.S. postage stamp to honor slain law enforcement officers (LEOs)


A message from Bill Mitchell

June 1997: I read a message from a Police Officer with the Philadelphia PA department. Her brother had been killed in the line of duty and the officer ’s mother had contacted the Postal Service about getting a stamp to honor Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) killed in the line of duty. I wrote several letters to the President, the Post Master General and several Congressmen with little response. I got a letter full of BS about how it took a committee ten years (this is for a stamp for an individual who must be dead ten years, the stamp I am talking about is for a totally different thing) to approve a stamp, design it, etc.

Until a congressman’s office receives at least a 1000 letters on a subject, a clerk will answer, and the congressman will never know. My point is this; the postal service has issued stamps for dopers and drunks and loose women because they were actors or singers, for Bugs Bunny, for Tweety & Sylvester, for Flowering Trees, etc. A postal stamp as a memorial to the fallen law enforcement officers of this country would be most appropriate, and is long overdue. If every Law Enforcement Officer, every family member, and every friend of a LEO would write on a post card or in a letter one of the following, we might get a much deserved memorial stamp. Congress, and in turn the Postal service, needs to know that there is strong support for a Memorial Stamp honoring fallen Law Enforcement Officers issued as a permanent stamp. We need to keep the pressure on Congress.

Letters should be addressed to the US Senator and the US Representative of the writer. There is a web site: that has the mailing address of all the senators and representatives, and the e-mail address for those with e-mail.

SAMPLE ONE: Active and Retired LEOs

I am a Law Enforcement Officer serving with (retired from) [Name of Department].

I request your support in having the US Postal Service issue a Memorial Stamp for Law Enforcement Officers that have been killed in the line of duty. Thank you for your support to honor those that have died protecting the public.

Be sure to add your Name, Address, Telephone Number

SAMPLE TWO: Family Members of LEOs

I am a family member of a Law Enforcement Officer now serving (retired) from [Name of Department]. I strongly urge your support in getting the US Postal Service to issue a stamp to honor those Law Enforcement Officer who have given their life protecting the public. Thank you for your support.

Add your Name, Address, Phone Number


I ask that you support getting the US Postal Service to issue a stamp honoring those Law Enforcement Officers who have paid the ultimate price during their duty, their lives. Thank you for your support.

Add your Name, Address, Phone Number.

September 1996: Congress sent the Post Master General a Joint Resolution requesting that this stamp be issued. Two years later there has been no action. Letters here and to Congress will get it done, I hope. If you can only write one letter send it to this address

Ms. Norma Pace

c/o Stamp Management

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee

U.S. Postal Service

475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW Room 4474E

Washington DC 20260-2437

E-mail to:

I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and hope that you will make and spread copies around not only within you department, but all departments you might contact. When Washington DC is flooded with letters and cards, at long last, Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty will get deserved recognition.

William E. Mitchell


1613 Lakeland Circle

Lake City GA 30260-3820

770 961 4956



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