Rotten News from Rotten Records

Rotten News from Rotten Records

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. Rotten Records is the company that released both of Acid Bath’s CDs.

Here is a press release from Rotten Records, received it on 21 September 1997. The email for Rotten Records is


We are proud to announce the upcoming releases of two fine CDs for your listening pleasure.

The first is by a band called DAMAGED and it’s named "Token Remedies Research." Damaged are from Australia and play what they like to call "hatecore." What is hatecore?, you ask. Well, imagine elements of speed, death, grind, and industrial all rolled into one and then completely shattered. Honestly, there is no comparison to this band. If you take the heaviest instant of Acid Bath, double it, and repeat it a few times, and you are getting close to the essence of Damaged. Be the first in your town to own this masterpiece and you won’t be sorry (even though your neighbors might be kinda bummed).

Next, for all you North Americans out there, Rotten Records has secured the rights to release the latest TOY DOLLS CD, "One More Megabyte," in the U.S. and Canada. (The original British company Receiver Records is still selling it everywhere else.) The Toy Dolls are a legendary English punk band that has been around since 1979. Fans of the old school punk bands will totally love this CD, especially since it is the first Toy Dolls release in the States that is not an import. This is their best album yet.

Plans are being made for world tours for both bands, so be on the lookout for them to come to a town near you.

As always, you can find either of these in your local retailers or direct from us at:

Rotten Records

PO Box 2157

Montclair, CA 91763


for $13 PPD (US funds) foreign add $2 each or send a SASE for our newest catalog.

Until next time, this is Rotten Records signing off.