Rocky Horror Picture Show Returns

Rocky Horror Picture Show Returns

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We can see RHPS in Indy

There is actually a place we can see this movie, but it is in Indy and shows only twice a month. Hollywood Filmworks! Yes, this one movie admits ALL AGES!! It is the neatest theatre in the world. You go up to the third floor, enjoy the fabulous lobby and then enter a theatre with tables! You have a waitperson who will bring you lots of food from the terrific, reasonably-priced menu while you watch the film. I am not sure if they do this during Rocky, but they probably do. Ask them, at their website, Hollywood Filmworks. It is too far for Fort Wayners to have to travel on a regular basis, but it would be an exciting once-in-a-while special occasion.

They have a fresh new print of the movie. They use strobe lights, fog machines and a confetti cannon. Wheeeeee! Two DJs keep us hopping, Jay Baker from Q95 and Nikki at Noon from WRZX. Now what if it is sold out? I think you can reserve a ticket if you get there early enough to pick it up…. please find out, at the website. The telephone there is 317-231-9250. Oh, and the location? 247 South Meridian, Indianapolis IN 46225. Let’s do the Time Warp again!

More Devoted Fans

at the Rocky Horror Picture Show 7-19-98!

Two sweet people who deserved to see the show, but hadn’t enough tickets. May this never happen again, to anyone, anywhere.

We all felt like this about the sold-out problem.

Try THIS with "Three Weddings and a Funeral" or "Around The World In 80 Days." Only Rocky fans feel this way about "our" movie. From head to toe, we live our characters.

These men wore so much metal that when the electromagnet was activated at triple power, they were smacked up against the screen like a June bug on the teeth of a motorcycle rider. Goodbye, Oblivion Newton-John.

On the left, the owner of the painted feet shown above.

Shots in the dark, with the Sony Mavica, bring strange results. This woman does not reflect in mirrors….

    We wondered if the fans from different parts of the tri-state would have different lines than the ones we used to use. Yes and no. Some were the same, some were different. One man seated behind me had played Frank a lot, in Boulder, Colorado. He had terrific lines and terrific delivery. The best line of the night, bringing applause from the whole crowd, came when Frank told Janet "it’s no crime to give yourself over to pleasure" with the audience response from one man, "it is in Indiana." He must have been from Muncie, where we said that in the Olden Days.

An Explanation For Virgins

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been playing for ages. It has developed its own vocabulary. A virgin is anyone who has not yet seen the movie. Sometimes they get scared. Don’t be afraid. We are harmless, and in the main rather ordinary people. Sociologists who study the fans have determined that we are middle-class and repressed; the movie is our only outlet.

That said, let us have our movie back. (One from the vaults.) For ten years, neuroses have been growing in Fort Wayne, unable to vent without the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Show the darned thing as a fund-raiser for anything that needs funds. The whole movie is a morality play. The point is that excess leads to destruction. After you see it a few times and memorize it, you will see that it teaches many lessons. (Don’t have your hair done at Dairy Queen, for one.) There is hardly a situation in life that can’t be ameliorated with a line from Rocky Horror. "In the velvet darkness of the blackest night, burning bright, there’s a shining star"

but not in Fort Wayne.

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