Rockabilly Rebel Weekend 5, Photo Album, Doghouse Bass Players

Rockabilly Rebel Weekend 5, Photo Album, Doghouse Bass Players

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Pictures taken by Sandra Weinhardt at the 1997 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend in Indianapolis.

Big Bad Bass Players

1997 Photo Album

This is a product called Relief Band. You wear it like a wristwatch. It zaps you with electricity so you can’t feel the pain in your bass-playing wrist and forearm. The doctors get their cut, as it is available only by prescription (in the US.) Outside the United States, it is sold as a motion-sickness preventer, or for nausea control. It runs on three hearing aid batteries and costs $295.00. The phone number for the manufacturer, Maven Laboratories, is 888.668.6648.

Now I always thought pain was nature’s way of saying "stop doing what you’re doing if it hurts." But since you bass players play through pain, this might make it feel all better. And if you hurl a lot when you play your bass, you can solve two problems at once. Ain’t science grand?

Big Bad Bass Players, (mostly in) 1997

Hmmm, I’d like to see a showdown concert with these guys all playing. I wonder why so few women play bass…. Apparently it hurts a whole lot. Lots of the men wear bandages and braces. Rod Glaze talks about that on his site. At least it must feel wonderful when they stop. Did you see each of these in action? Did you have some favorites? Send me the names!! Which one would you most like to be?

Wendy LeBeau plays bass and no one had to write and tell me. Cindy (Bowie) Weigold told me, at that festival in Chicago. See Wendy with the Flea Bops at the 1997 We Wanna Boogie.

The Belmont Playboys bassist!! Didn’t they rock, children? Didn’t they roll?

Joe Andersen of the Bel Airs has to be the hunkiest (but unavailable) hunk in Rockabilly. His wedding to Charlene will take place this August, 1998!! I’ll be scanning more pictures of his Buddy Holly bass. He’s as nice as he is good-lookin’, and by the way, did you buy one of his hand-painted neckties? I hope he has a fault somewhere, because otherwise he is too perfect to walk among us.

September 7: Oh no. Say it isn’t so, Joe. Did Mattie of the Red Ball Jets jam with you all at a gig last weekend. Did you let him play this bass? Did he somehow break it to many pieces? And is it true that you took it *****calmly*****???

I knew you were on a higher plane than the rest of us mortals. We all extend our sympathy.

April 1998: The Buddy Holly bass was unrepairable. July 1998: See photos of Joe with his new bass on the many Bel Airs pages in Otto.

Tom Hopkins, the Rhythm Bound bass player, has email! Write him at

Tom is a true southern gentleman.

Kenny Bruce is a Rockabilly Mailing List member from Michigan. He and his great wife Darlene added a lot to the weekend.

Gone but not forgotten, ace bass player Rick Uppling, formerly with Three Blue Teardrops, now in Germany for a while. There will never be another like him.

Update, February 1998: Lo and behold, Rick is back, he’s bad and he’s slappin’bass with Three Blue Teardrops once again. All is right with the world. Dave did marry Liz, and they moved away from Chicago. There are three CDs for sale via Hepcat Records site, and rumor has it they will be on a European tour any day now. Some have said the newest CD is more toward the country side than my fave psychobilly side. But TBT can do no wrong.

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