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page two

All these pictures were made by Sandra Weinhardt at the (1996 and) 1997 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend in Indianapolis.

This is Chris Day from King Memphis band. He’s Ronnie Dawson‘s bass player from Dallas. We got to see him again on Friday, July 4th at the American Music Festival at FitzGerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois. Ronnie was scheduled to play for three hours, starting at midnight on the 5th of July. This is an annual event. Why not plan to go next year? FitzGeralds even has its own website.

Billy Bratcher plays with Wayne Hancock on tour. When he isn’t touring with Wayne, he’s the bass player in Buck and the Black Cats. Lisa Dutcher sent me this name and the comment that Billy is really talented and a nice guy to be around. Thanks, Lis.

Jerry Sparkman! (Thanks to Cindy for the name.) Although his outfit sometimes disconcerts me, he’s gutsy. He is playing bass with the Blue Moon Boys since Keith Brewer can’t travel all the time. How he stands up under the antics of Nic Roulette is a mystery!

Bass players only smile like this early in the set. (One exception: Joe Andersen.) As the heat wears on them and the playing gets more frantic, they struggle with these big monster instuments. But they win. and they survive, and they come back and do it again and again.

Chris Filbert, bass player with The Atomics. Photo is from ’96.

Chris in 1997

This is definitely the handsome Rockin’ Rudy of the Swingin’ Demons

Rod Glaze of the DuValls, back in 1996. This is my favorite photo of his bass. He loaned it to several other bass players that night. People just don’t come any nicer than Chicagoan Rod Glaze.

Who is this mystery man? Click on his picture to find out more about him, his body art and his love life. When you’re in the spotlight, you are fair game for the press. {Grin.}

Did you read about this new device on the other bass-player page?

Relief Band. This is a product called Relief Band. You wear it like a wristwatch. It zaps you with electricity so you can’t feel the pain in your bass-playing wrist and forearm. Check it out on my other bass players page.

New message received 6-29-98

hey ya’ll–

love the bass player page-we need all the attention we can get!my name is jerry rig with the HOOLIGANS in san diego,ca. check out our skizmatic release "last call"–i think you’ll be impressed with the bass playing cuz it really thumps.we’re recording a new cd for skizmatic now-look for it at the end of summer ’ can e-mail me at

thanks,jerry rig

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