Pop “N Fresh, an Indiana Band

Pop "N Fresh, an Indiana Band

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Pop ‘n Fresh, the band you need

Get in touch with them by phoning 219-745-1637


Tell-Mama got a ride to Curly Armstrong’s Village Inn on July 17, to see Pop ‘n Fresh for the first time. It was long overdue, for I’d been trying to see this band for well over a year. It lived up to all my hopes. The perfect band for anyone who likes to dance or listen to music, Pop ‘n Fresh will suit any taste and do it well.


"Pop" on guitar and lead vocals, with his son Travis on a real doghouse bass, are rounded out by Fresh on Drums and another Fresh on keyboards. And don’t overlook Mom, who painted her instrument and plays it like an angel. Travis painted his own bass. It’s the best base out there since Joe Anderson lost his white one in that unfortunate, never-to-be forgotten lamentable accident.


Although most people were at the Three Rivers Festival events, the loyal Curly’s customers applauded Pop ‘n Fresh enthusiastically. These are solid musicians who have stuck together for many years, enjoy each others company and enjoy playing for you. Look for more details here in August.

    As Irish as this club is, I wonder why the Bel Airs don’t hang out here! It was as much fun as the Irish pub in Muncie, The Heorot.



Tasty categories of music listed on the Pop ‘n Fresh menu include Classic Cuisine (Classic Rock,) Elvis Presley Plates, Soul Food, Combination Platters (Stax-Volt and Motor City,) Slow Cooked (Savory Favorites for Lovers,) Blues Plate Specials and Original Recipes. Oh yea, this band cooks!

I think Pop is Ted Brown. Contact him at 219-745-1637. They are also listed in the WhatzUp roster of available bands, which I just can’t locate at this moment. It’s the heat, yeah, that’s the ticket, it’s the heat addling my brain. See you in Fort Wayne, music lovers!

See more Pop ‘n Fresh on the Ribfest 2000 website!

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