Our Tentative Times visits Pierre’s Entertainment Complex

Our Tentative Times visits Pierre’s Entertainment Complex

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Bo Diddley played Pierres

Wednesday Nights at Pierre’s

Wednesday May 13, The Blue Moon Boys Wednesday May 20, Honk Moan and Wail Wednesday May 27, The Kelly Jay Orchestra (see web page) This move turned out just fine. Rockabilly night at the House of Jazz and Blues has been moved to Pierre’s and renamed Swingabilly night. It’s the same great music. Rockabilly is an unfamiliar term to some people who would really love it if they heard it. This is a great venue and a great idea.

Here are some pictures of the opening night crowd and Fort Wayne’s hottest band, The Blue Moon Boys… (links below.) The computer is awry at Otto, and we can’t do any graphics work. Surely it will be fixed soon. Stay tuned, please.


Nic Roulette was a little brought down because when he threw the barstool off stage, it smashed. He runs with scissors too.

   Nic begs forgiveness and howls at the moon as he studies Kenny Taylor’s shooze. He’s thinking about whether he needs a spanking from that lady in leather. He’s afraid someone is making a voodoo doll of him, which makes him smoke, smoke, smoke too much. He’s like to get rockin’ and forget his last foolish love affair, ’cause there’s a pretty baby he needs to get home by daylight. The waitpersons in the ladies room plan to shake him ’til his teeth rattle because they say he’s red on the line. They just tell Nic "shut yer mouth, baby, you’re the last straw." Nope, it wasn’t Nic’s happy hour.

    A lady in leather, the way we like her, and a good sport who posed with her. Thanks, faithful and true friends of the genre.

   Kenny Taylor clowns with the ukelele.

     Jerry Sparkman had a quiet night because his main squeeze was studying for finals. That left an empty spot on the dance floor. We missed Amy.

    Always the forgotten man, the hard to photograph Jamie Simon. Otto had to try to lighten his face so it would show up, but Otto needs practice. Otto would like to hire a graphics genius; we can pay no salary, but think of the glory!

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Pierre’s Rap

Don’t feel forsaken,

Don’t feel forlorn.

Don’t rue the day that you were born.

Think swingabilly.

Come to Pierre’s.

Dance to the max while you are there.

You won’t remember

How you got by

Without that music we’d all die.

Blue Moon Boys with the

Red Ball Jets and

Kelly Jay Orchestra breaking sweats.

Swingabilly rules.

Rock and roll swings.

Watch Tom Tobey shakin’ that thing.

Hartman twirls Jenny,

Matt dips Sue,

We’re waiting there to dance with you.

Meet four new people.

Learn four new names.

Who’s that cat in horn-rim frames?

Dress for the Fifties.

Roll up your jeans.

Grease your hair, man, you look mean.

No one’s a stranger,

Buy a cold brew.

Wednesday nights we’ll rock with you.

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Bo Diddley played Pierres

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