Our Tentative Times Causes

Our Tentative Times Causes

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Our Tentative Times Causes

Each day this editor receives many mailings about worthwhile causes. This page will list some of them that appeal to me, with the way to contact them.

The Heifer Project International
1015 Louisiana Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72202.
You can help bring a goat, chickens, a water buffalo, sheep, a cow or a camel to a third world family. This will enable that family to have a much more bearable standard of living. Dear Abby had a column in which a family had a Christmas party without buying each other any gifts. Each family chose an animal or set of animals from the Heifer Project and donated for it. You can pool your money toward a water buffalo or buy three rabbits or some chickens. There are pigs, goats, llamas and more. Each receiving family is taught to care for the animals. They are obligated to pass on an animal offspring to another needy family and keep the animals increasing.
Erin’s House for Grieving Children, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Erin’s House provides healing surroundings with meetings for bereaved siblings or children who have lost a significant figure in their lives. It teaches others how to provide this service in their own communities. Unresolved grief is the cause of much drug abuse and self-destructive behaviour. Perhaps there is a similar facility in your city, or you might want to start one.

www.villagebanking.org Telephone 202-682-1520 in Washington D.C.

is a microeconomic project. They select a village and set up a small loan operation. They begin lending $60.00 to one or more subsistence level women. Each woman establises a needed business. As she pays back the loan, slowly, another woman gets a loan. Then two women are repaying, and soon a third woman gets her $60.00. Also, once a first loan is paid back, the woman can borrow a larger amount, say $100.00 to improve her business.
It’s an amazing concept, highly recommended by the people who rate charities and causes. Send them some money and feel good about yourself for years!
U.S. Committee for Unicef
PO BOX 2498, New York, New York, 10164-2557.
Provides seeds to grow food for malnourished children; provides Vitamin A capsules to prevent blindness in toddlers, immunizes children and provides the rehydration needed for children dying of diarrhea.
Farm Sanctuary
P.O. BOX 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891-0150.
I’ve driven for hours through the New York back roads filled with veal farms. This is a gross miscarriage of our stewardship of the earth. Help stop food-animal abusers.
National Anti-Vivisection Society


Stopping the use of animals in unnecessary lab experiments.

Amnesty International USA
322 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10001

On the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many people around the world have no rights. Educate yourself, sign your name, and help the helpless.



The Phoenix Society has long supported burn survivors. They have a children’s camp and national conventions, international meetings (The World Burn Conference) and individual support for the burned patients and their families. The knowledge about burn treatment has increased tremendously since I was a patient in a hospital room with a burned child who later died. At that time, they took no precautions to protect that little girl against infection. It was grim then, and it still is grim but a lot better.

Help Stop Slavery in the Cocoa Trade


Support the Cocoa Protocol.


Remember your local food bank and local children’s clinic

Most towns now have food banks and soup kitchens.
Many towns also have a free medical clinic for children.
Some towns have a struggling group promoting kindness to animals.
You can donate bone morrow. Sign up with the Red Cross to see if someone ever needs yours. It doesn’t cost you money, and you can donate until you are 61 years old. They just use a blood test for starters. Find out for yourselves.

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